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      Next up on the build list…

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      This came as just a body. Needed a lot of sanding and will need some accessory parts like windshield, fluid filler caps etc.

      Custom grill, grill screen and exhaust are in progress

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      Avatar photoKen


        Looks great so far!

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        Thx! The artist of the above painting is Terence Cuneo.

        More about he and the Sunbeams here:


        Apparently a bad crash by a Sunbeam which killed the riding mechanic at the 1924 Spanish GP led to the rule being changed to no longer allow riding mechanics

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        Can’t wait to see the progress on this build f1nutz! Cheers!

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        Avatar photoMiA

          A worthy addition to our growing little fleet of vintage racers!!

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          Slow progress but managed to get the rims and inserts painted.

          Working on fluid caps.

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          Trying to do a drop front axle using thinner wire and maybe ferules inside the hubs for a more realistic look.

          This is just a mock-up.
          Has anyone else done this before?

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          Avatar photoKen

            I don’t think a ferrule will fit a wire without flopping around like a fish. Hopefully, I’m wrong. Brass tubing might fit better.

            Looks good so far Bill.

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            Yes I was thinking the same thing.

            well I’ll come up with something…

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            Avatar photoKen

              Here’s an option.

              Find steel tubing that slips inside a brass tube with a good bushing fit. The steel tubing needs to fit over the wire.

              Install a push on lock washer to the inboard side of the wire to limit the travel of the inside of the wheel. Then solder a small length of your steel tubing to the wire. The washer needs to be a bit larger diameter than the steel tubing. Leave enough of the inside wire still exposed beyond the steel sleeve to make room for the outboard push on washer.

              Drill the wheel out for the brass sleeve. It needs to be a good press fit.

              Slip the wheel with the brass bushing over the steel sleeve. Then install another push on lock washer to the outisde of the thin wire still exposed. It will keep the wheel in place and allow free spinning. You can cover it with some sort of spinner.

              Here are some examples of push on lock washers.

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              Sounds like a great plan! I’ll see if I can implement it properly.

              Thx for the info!

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