Routed tracks that we all race on! Every track owner/host is encouraged to take ownership of their sub forum area to provide any content related to their track which they would like to share - events, race results, photos, progress, changes, stats, info or ANYTHING relevant or specific to their circuit!!!
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    • Molto VeLoce (Doug – Oakville)
      This private four lane custom routed DArt track commissioned by MVL Leasing in Oakville, ON, sits in the lounge above the exotic car dealership. Try to take the first corner flat out if you can - then the esses sort the men from the mice - and watch out for the tight apex on entry into the inner complex - and if none of those catch you out you still need to survive the final hairpin before launching back onto the front straight! This forum is moderated by Arthur.
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      10 months ago

      Avatar photoKen

    • Nova Ridge Motorsports Park (Mike – Mississauga)
      This private four lane custom routed DArt track commissioned by Nova Ridge, Mississauga, ON, sits in a newly renovated commercial building in south Mississauga, just north of the QEW. With a foot print of 26' x 17' and 166' lane lengths this is by far the largest DArt track built to date. NRMP is comprised of 11 separate 'pieces' bolted together, each with it's own power taps and designed to be broken down without re-taping. The pine frame can be unbolted and moved in 15 lightweight sections. This forum is moderated by Arthur.
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    • S24 231028 Runabout

      4 months ago

      Avatar photoArthur

    • The Ring (Arthur – Mississauga)
      For more than a decade this DArt custom routed 3 lane circuit has hosted nightly group races, weekend 'enduros', special IROC style events and many international proxy rounds. With more than 150,000 racing laps this version of The Ring may be one of the most enjoyed copper taped tracks in Ontario. The Ring continues to host both R32 and Scratch32 events (monthly) and utilizes the R32 class and S32 event criterium exclusively (for S32 event criterium please refer directly to the upcoming event). This forum is moderated by Arthur.
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      5 months ago

      Avatar photof1nutz

    • The Rock (KKracing – Barrie)
      A 3 lane custom routed track by DArt located in Barrie, ON. 'Rockenheim' is over 90' with three overpasses, long straights and an assortment of corners to challenge even the most experienced pilot. A custom Dunlop tower and walkway cleverly shield the timing gantry along the front straight. This forum is moderated by JohnnySlots.
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      1 year ago

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    • Cupcake Raceway (Rob – Vaughan)
      This 86' three lane multi-directional commissioned DArt race track offers elevation, banking, twists, kinks and long straights to satisfy any appetite. Going from desert to lush green oasis' this circuit travels across the southwest. Make sure to visit, race and witness the exquisite details provided by track owner and racing host Rob.
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    • Cupcake Raceway Big Boat Class (2023)

      7 months ago


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