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Saturday, June 3, 2023 @ Molto VeLoce

(10am – 2:45pm)

R32 returns this June to MVL Leasing for exciting wheel to wheel action in NASCAR (NC), 1960-1965 1.5L Grand Prix (15LGP), Boulevard Cruisers (BC), Trans Am Plus (TA+) and Group C/IMSA (GCI)! The weather outside may be getting warmer but not nearly as red hot as the heart pounding fender banging non-stop grueling on track battles inside!


  • 1960-1965 1.5L Grand Prix (15LGP)
  • Boulevard Cruisers (BC)
  • Trans Am Plus (TA+)
  • Group C/IMSA (GCI)

For our class criteria please visit the R32 sub-forum here.


  • Doors Open @ 10am
  • Green Flag @ 11am
  • Classes will be raced in the order listed above
  • Checkered Flag @ 2:45pm


  • Rotation positions for the first race will be random. Finish results will seed subsequent race rotation positions
  • 3 minute heats (180 seconds) x 4 (lanes) for a total of 12 minutes per race
  • 3 or more marshals for every heat (if numbers permit)
  • Race to line result will determine finishing order
  • Final race scoring will be posted with reference to car number (not pilot) and accompanying photographs will include cars in finishing order


Make sure your controller is in tip top shape and that your brakes function reliably! All R32 tracks require the use of three pole positive polarity controllers. Banana plugs are highly recommended but alligator clip hookups work just as well.


Please park on Industry St. or in the small parking lot on the west side of the building or at the back.


Please note that as per our R32 class criteria ALL rear tires must be DArt brand Club Series Urethane Tires, without exception. Front tires may be either stock or DArt Club Series Urethane Tires. If you need DArt Club Series Urethane Tires you can order them here or email DArt here.


Registration is open. Please reserve your spot if you wish to race. Remember that you need a Scratch32 account to register.

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ATTENDEES (8 Maximum):


If you do not have a Scratch32 user account but are interested in joining us to race please email me here.

See ya’ll then!

Class Criteria



  • Eligible Models: Scalextric brand Sidewinder NASCAR (Car of Yesterday or Car of Tomorrow);
  • Stock parts only or identical plastic/resin replacements;
  • Rear Tires: DArt Club Series SC0705 Urethane Tires;
  • Front Tires: Stock Front Tires or DArt Club Series SC0705 urethane tires.

1960-1965 1.5L Grand Prix


  • Eligible Models: Any provided the model represents a Grand Prix car which competed between 1960 and 1965. Cars produced in or prior to 1962 constitute Group 1 cars and cars produced thereafter constitute Group 2 cars
  • Motor: BWA BWMS050
  • Wheels – Not exceed 14mm in diameter AND:
    • Group 1 wheels must be no more than 6mm wide
    • Group 2 wheels must be no more than 7mm wide
  • Tires:
    • Rear – Any DArt Club Series Urethane Tire
    • Front – Any Stock or DArt Club Series Urethane Tire
  • Overall maximum width of 50.8mm

Boulevard Cruiser (BC)


  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any 1955 through 1963 full size American car. Gunze, Sangyo, Revell and AMT brands are highly recommended. Personalized licence plates are strongly encouraged while race numbers are not necessary (and in fact discouraged).
  • Motor: BWNC1
  • Chassis: Any in any configuration
  • Front and Rear Tires: Any DArt Club Series Urethane Tire

Trans Am Plus (TA+)


  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any model that raced in the Trans Am series between 1966 and 1973 regardless of class. Bodies may not be modified by chopping the roof, adding flares or modifying fenders in any way.
  • Motor: Any
  • Gearing: Any
  • Chassis: Any
  • Tires:
    • Rear – Any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire
    • Front – ‘Stock’ or any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire

Group C (GCI)


  • Eligible Models: Any Slot.It brand inline Group ‘C’ or ‘IMSA’ model;
  • ‘Stock’ parts only or identical plastic/resin replacements;
  • Motor: ‘Stock’ White or Orange endbell Slot.It motor;
  • Rear Tires: DArt Club Series D11 or SI0201 Urethane Tires;
  • Minimum overall weight of 80g;
  • Optional modifications: Any Slot.It parts that come standard on any currently eligible model may be used or incorporated into older eligible models (ie. offset pods and offset crown gears, larger diameter wheels, screws with metal washers, set screws and spacers for aligning front axles, etc.). Any aftermarket washers permitted.

Molto VeLoce Circuit

Race Details

June 3 @ 10:00 am 2:45 pm


Molto VeLoce Circuit

Oakville, Ontario Canada
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