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R32 LXXIII @ Nova Ridge

Saturday, May 6, 2023 @ Nova Ridge

(9am – 2pm)

R32 heads back to our longest racetrack – Nova Ridge Motorsports Park – where we will race Classic Stock Car (CSC), 1970’s Grand Prix (70GP), 3.0L LeMans (3LM), Group 5 (G5) and Unlimited Open (U)! Bang fenders to see just how quickly your models can complete a 166 foot lap!


  • Classic Stock Car (CSC)
  • 1970’s Grand Prix (70GP)
  • 3.0L LeMans (3LM)
  • Group 5 (G5)
  • Unlimited Open (U)

For our class criteria please visit the R32 sub-forum here.


  • Doors Open @ 9am
  • Green Flag @ 10am
  • Classes will be raced in the order listed above
  • Checkered Flag @ 2pm


  • Rotation positions for the first race will be random. Finish results will seed subsequent race rotation positions
  • 3 minute heats (180 seconds) x 4 (lanes) for a total of 12 minutes per race
  • 3 or more marshals for every heat (if numbers permit)
  • Race to line result will determine finishing order
  • Final race scoring will be posted with reference to car number (not pilot) and accompanying photographs will include cars in finishing order


Make sure your controller is in tip top shape and that your brakes function reliably! All R32 tracks require the use of three pole positive polarity controllers. Banana plugs are highly recommended but alligator clip hookups work just as well.


Please park anywhere outside the main entrance/lobby. If the main entrance (or the stairs or elevator) are locked please call or text me at (437) 247-6587.


Please bring anything with you that you wish to eat/drink. If you do get hungry or thirsty you are encouraged to visit La Casa Dolce Bakery & Cafe at the west corner of the building (facing the main intersection). La Casa Dolce is a family operated coffee bar with baked deserts, sandwiches, pizza, soups and salads. Visit their website here for info on hours and menu.


Please note that as per our R32 class criteria ALL rear tires must be DArt brand Club Series Urethane Tires, without exception. Front tires may be either stock or DArt Club Series Urethane Tires. If you need DArt Club Series Urethane Tires you can order them here or email DArt here.


Please note you must have a Scratch32 account and be logged in to RSVP for this race.

R32 LXXIII @ Nova Ridge

Reserve your spot at Nova Ridge or let us know you cannot attend.

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If you do not have a Scratch32 user account but are interested in joining us to race or if you need the event address and/or suite number please email me here.

See ya’ll then!

Class Criteria

Classic Stock Car (CSC)


  • Eligible Models: Any hard body provided the model represents a hard top stock car which competed in the 1960’s (plus or minus 3 years). All bodies must contain a clear plastic front windshield, rear window and all quarter windows (driver and passenger door windows may be removed)
  • Motor: BWA BWNC1
  • Wheels: Maximum 14mm diameter
  • Front and Rear Tires: Any DArt Club Series Tire (D8 or D9 recommended)
  • Minimum overall weight of 100g.

1970’s Grand Prix (70GP)


  • Eligible Models: Any provided the model represents a Grand Prix car which competed from 1970 through 1980;
  • Chassis: Any inline chassis;
  • Motor: Scalextric FF050 or Fly / Flyslot FF050 as provided in current releases by these manufacturers;
  • Tires – Any size DArt Club Series urethane replacement tire:
    1. Rear maximum width of 16mm; and
    2. Front maximum width of 10mm;
  • Maximum overall width is 68.5mm.

3.0L LeMans (3LM)


  • Eligible Models: Any hard body open cockpit prototype that competed between 1972 through 1977 in an endurance race such as LeMans (as raced with headlights)
  • Rear Tires: DArt Club Series (NC0101 or D11 recommended)
  • Front Tires: Stock or any DArt Club Series
  • Working head/tail lights NOT required

Group 5 (G5)


  • Eligible Models: Any Sideways brand Anglewinder ‘Group 5’ model;
  • Motor: ‘Stock’ Sideways plain yellow wrapper;
  • Rear Tires: Any DArt Club Series Urethane Tire (D11 recommended);
  • Minimum overall weight of 84g;
  • Optional modifications: Any parts that come standard on any currently eligible model may be used or incorporated into older eligible models (ie. pods, etc.). Any aftermarket washers permitted.

Unlimited Open (U)


  • Eligible Models: Any body (hard or clear) regardless of class
  • Tires:
    • Rear – Any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire
    • Front – ‘Stock’ or any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire
  • Maximum overall width of 70mm

Nova Ridge Motorsports Park

Race Details

May 6 @ 9:00 am 2:00 pm

Nova Ridge Motorsports Park

Mississauga, Ontario Canada
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