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February 4 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

R32 LXVII @ MVL - February 4, 2023


Saturday, February 4, 2023 @ Molto Veloce (10am - 2:45pm)


  • 1960's Endurance Sportscar (60SP)
  • Modern F1 (F1)
  • 3.0L LeMans (3LM)
  • 1960-1965 SCCA & USRRC Sportscar (USSP) [Time Permitting]

For our R32 class rules please visit our R32 sub forum here.


  • Doors Open @ 10am
  • Green Flag @ 11am
  • Classes will be raced in the order listed above
  • Checkered Flag @ approximately 2:45pm


  • Random chip draw will determine rotation position for the first race and finish results will seed subsequent races
  • 3 minute heats (180 seconds) x 4.
  • Three marshals for every heat (if numbers permit).
  • Race to line result will determine finishing order.
  • Final race results will be posted with reference to car # (not driver) and accompanying photographs.

Don't Forget Your Controller!


Please park on Industry St. or in the small parking lot on the west side of the building or at the back.

DArt Club Series Urethane Tires ONLY! No Exceptions!

Please note that as per our R32 class criteria (see below) ALL rear tires must be DArt brand Club Series Urethane Tires, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Front tires may either be stock or DArt Club Series Urethane Tires. If you need DArt tires email DArt at ' [email protected] '.

No Account? No Problem!

If you do not have a Scratch32 account but are interested in racing please email me... Send your email to ' [email protected] '.

Good Luck and see you then!

Class Criteria



  • Eligible Models: Scalextric brand Sidewinder NASCAR (Car of Yesterday or Car of Tomorrow);
  • Stock parts only or identical plastic/resin replacements;
  • Rear Tires: DArt Club Series SC0705 Urethane Tires;
  • Front Tires: Stock Front Tires or DArt Club Series SC0705 urethane tires.

1960’s Endurance Sportscar (60SP)


  • Eligible Models or Hard Bodies: Any 1960’s era Sportscar (production or prototype) that competed in an endurance race between 1960 and 1969 lasting at minimum 6 hours, 1000 kilometers or over multiple stages spanning several days;
  • Low Power Motor: BWA BWNC1, Ninco NC1, Ninco NC8, BWA BWMS050 or Vanski FF050;
  • Front and Rear Tires: Any DArt Club Series Urethane Tires;
  • Maximum width of body not to exceed 57mm;
  • Minimum overall weight of 75g.

Modern F1 (F1)


  • Eligible Models: Any ‘stock’ modern Scalextric (2000 and newer) F1 model
  • Motor – must be a ‘stock’ Scalextric S-can or slim motor – whichever came with the model
  • Maximum overall width not to exceed 58mm
  • Optional Modifications:
    1. Guide – may be replaced by any 1:32 guide and adapter
    2. Rear Wheels – any 12mm (or smaller) wheel may be used – rear suspension detail may be modified to accommodate wheels
    3. Rear Tires – any DArt ‘Club’ series urethane replacement tire
    4. Front Tires – ‘stock’ or any DArt ‘Club’ series urethane replacement tire
    5. Rear Axle – may be replaced by a solid axle
    6. Bushings – rear nylon/plastic bushings may be replaced with bronze/oilite bushings
    7. Weight – may be added anywhere to the chassis or body provided it is concealed by the body – no weight may be added underneath the front wing or underneath the chassis
    8. Spacers/Washers – may be used on the rear axle (inboard or outboard) and on the front axle (outboard only)
    9. Gearing – stock gears may be replaced by any 27T crown gear together with a 9T pinion or any 24T crown gear together with an 8T pinion
    10. Chassis Bracing – The portion from the driver to the rear of the chassis may be braced or strengthened using any material but both chassis and any modification thereto must remain unpainted and not concealed by any substance so that any such modification is clearly visible if the body is removed. Bodies and chassis may not be cut or altered to accommodate bracing

3.0L LeMans (3LM)


  • Eligible Models: Any hard body open cockpit LeMans prototype that competed between 1972 through 1977 at LeMans (as raced with headlights)
  • Rear Tires: DArt Club Series (NC0101 or D11 recommended)
  • Front Tires: Stock or any DArt Club Series
  • Working head/tail lights NOT required

1960-1965 SCCA & USRRC Sportscar (USSP) [Time Permitting]


  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any Sportscar that competed in an SCCA or USRRC race between 1960 and 1965;
  • Low Power Motor: BWA BWNC1, Ninco NC1, Ninco NC8, BWA BWMS050 or Vanski FF050;
  •  Tires:
    • Front: Stock or any DArt Club Series;
    • Rear: Any DArt Club Series;

Registration opens at 22-01-2023 05:39

Registration closes at 04-02-2023 09:00

Max Participants: 8

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Molto VeLoce
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