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La Carrera Panamericana XI Proxy

December 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - December 30, 2020 @ 10:00 pm

(1950 through 1954)

Long overdue, our 11th edition of this iconic road race will take place over the Christmas break to wrap up a disappointing 2020. How? By proxy.

While it will have overlap with Scratch32 SP and SP+ classes models are limited to those that participated in the 1950 through 1954 editions of La Carrera Panamericana. Participants will include models that finished, started, practiced or were at minimum registered to race in either years’ event. The purpose in opening up the definition of ‘participant’ in this manner is to accommodate as many models as one might have an opportunity to scratch build – NOT to accommodate ready to run bodies or models that are easy to obtain.

No ‘master list’ of eligible models or entries will be provided since it is easy enough to find much of this information freely on the internet. Do some research first and then ask if you have questions. It is expected that you share with the group some of the history of the models that you build and present to the grid within the topic thread which will be created approximately 10 days before the event – just follow the event poster and reply and post your info.

Make sure to also submit your online model registration form for any new models you have built which you plan to present for the first time to the grid.

Combining all five years there are 9 ‘classes’ for eligible entries which represent ‘sub-classes’ for this event.

There are two main ‘classes’ for this event:

  • SP – with eligible ‘low power’ motor as described in the scratch32 rules; and
  • SP+ – without any motor restriction whatsoever.

Sub-classes are defined in the list below so please ensure that you list the appropriate class and sub-class for every entry you register.

Models must be modified or be representative in look to the entry upon which they purport to be based. Just how far one goes to achieve this is not for anyone else to decide – your own pride and building ability should be your guide. That being said, there will be a minimum threshold that every model is expected to meet otherwise the purpose of this event will be lost. Fantasy liveries are not permitted. Actual racing numbers are to be used although alternative numbers in the same font/style may be substituted if one wishes. All of the entries sported La Carrera Panamericana badges. Check our decals sub-forum to download your copy to print. La Carrera Panamericana plates with racing number are also a must. You will find a blank template in our decals sub-forum for download too. If you need help customizing a blank plate or adding your racing number let me know.

By registering every entry within this event topic we will avoid duplicates in our event – but duplicates are permitted. Building and presenting multiple models for the event is strongly encouraged and those that do will have an opportunity to have each of them raced as a separately scored entry.


  • Eligible models – any that participated in the 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 or 1954 editions of La Carrera Panamericana (Finishers, Starters, Practiced OR Entered) regardless of class;
  • Actual liveries ONLY but number may be changed provided same font/type used;
  • SP class – ‘low power’ motor only (consult the Scratch32 SP class rules) & SP+ class – no motor restriction;
  • Chassis or body must be scratch built – simply painting a white RTR kit or re-painting a RTR release is insufficient;
  • All General Rules for Scratch32 apply.

List of SUB-CLASSES (with years raced):

T – Tourismo (’50, ’51, ’52, ’53)
SP – Sport (‘52)
TS – Tourismo Especial (’53, ’54)
SP+16 – Sport +1600cc (’53)
T+3.5 – Tourismo +3500cc (’54)
SP16 – Sport 1600cc (’53)
TE1.9 – Tourismo Europeo (’54)
SP+15 – Sport +1500cc (’54)
SP15 – Sport 1500cc (’54)

Deadline to register your eligible entries is midnight Sunday December 27, 2020.

Go to our registration thread now.

Deadline to receive your registered entries is noon Monday December 28, 2020.

How will this be organized?

Due to the current covid19 restrictions those builders choosing to participate will register and submit their entries either by mail or drop off. Make sure your model(s) are packaged safely and email me to either let me know they are coming by mail or to arrange a convenient drop off time before the deadline.

There will be no qualifying. The race will take place from Monday until Wednesday evening in three stages. Every entry will be raced separately by yours truly. Stage one will have all the entries on the inside lane at 9.5v. Stage two will have all the entries on the middle lane at 10.5v. The final stage will have all the entries on the outside lane at 11.5v. I will have at least one member of my household helping but any off will result in a track call for overall consistency. It sounds very simple but my objective will be to go as fast as possible without any offs which will favour stable models.

All new entries that participate will be eligible for inclusion in our database.

In addition to the usual pictures I will try to share each stage electronically, whether by video or live stream but I cannot make promises since I’ve never live streamed anything before. Bear with me and we’ll see.

All participating builders will receive a 10% off coupon code on their next DArt eSHOP purchase (conditions apply – see event registration thread for details)…Good Luck to all of our builders!


December 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
December 30, 2020 @ 10:00 pm
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The Ring
Mississauga, Ontario Canada