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S32 American Thunder

Scratch32 Presents:

American Thunder I

This event focuses on North American automotive and racing history and overlaps with several R32 classes: Hot Rod (HR) including Street Rod (SR), Rat Rod (RR), Street Machines (SM) and Gasser (GS); Boulevard Cruiser (BC); Indy Roadster (IR); Trans Am Plus (TA+) and CAN AM (CA) but limits models to those that are scratch built only.

Our current definition of scratch built is very wide and casts a large net (many would argue too large) to include any model for which at minimum either the body or the chassis is prepared by the builder.

Ready to run white kits are ineligible. Mating a RTR/production chassis to a different RTR/production/pre-painted body also falls short of the mark. If you are unsure, please ask.

To qualify as scratch built all models must be ‘one of a kind’ meaning that they must be unique, regardless of whether they were made by the builder or bought second hand. Liveries need not be unique but the model as a whole must be.

Our emphasis is on encouraging and promoting scratch building above all other aspects of this hobby. Participation is essential and while we all strive for quality and performance in the models we make we must never discourage, deter or frustrate the efforts of any participant. To promote participation and a grid of diverse models some classes may focus on originality and attention to detail/quality over performance.

Both historically accurate liveries and period correct fantasy liveries are strongly encouraged.

Overall completeness for all scratch built models is essential and includes:

  • appropriate racing numbers (where expected or required)
  • period wheel detail including painted inserts
  • interior detail with painted pilot/co-pilot (if applicable) detail
  • appropriate exhaust and mirror detail

Building and presenting up to three models per class is encouraged and those that do will have an opportunity to race them each as a separately scored entry – time or rotation constraints may limit the number of allowed entries per person though.

Do not be discouraged from participating if you do not have an eligible model for some or many classes… because one day you will! And remember, every model that participates in this event whether in person or by proxy will be entered into our Scratch32 database and will have its own gallery in our models gallery area.


Hot Rod (HR)

Sub-Classes: Street Rod (SR), Rat Rod (RR), Street Machine (SM) & Gasser (GS)

Sub-classes will be scored separately. Limit of three Hot Rod (HR) entries per builder regardless of sub-class.

  • Street Rods (SR) – (aka Hot Rod) – Any modified or customized car or truck model from 1948 or earlier with or without fenders in paint or in primer;
  • Rat Rods (RR) – Any custom car or truck model with a deliberately worn-down, unfinished appearance, typically lacking paint, showing rust, and made from cheap or cast-off parts;
  • Street Machines (SM) – Any modified or customized car or truck model from 1949 or later with fenders in paint or in primer; and
  • Gassers (GS) – A vintage drag car that was popularized in the ’50s and ’60s (up to 1968) that ran on gasoline and used a straight axle front suspension which gave the model a very high front end stance. Most gassers also sported Halibrand wheels, no front bumper, and had a front mounted Moon tank. The gasser form was dictated by function and most builders looked to eliminate as much weight as possible. Having their exhaust pipes exit through the front fender to shorten the length of exhaust tubing is another common characteristic of gassers. Builders used 1930s through 1950s production coupes or sedans to create these highly modified racing vehicles, including (but not limited to) the following: 1933 Willys Model 77 Coupe; 1940 Willys; 1941 Willys Americar; 1948 Anglia; 1949 Chevy Fleetline or Styleline; 1951 Henry J; 1955 Ford T-Bird; 1955 Chevy Nomad; 1955 Chevy; 1957 Corvette.
  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any model with or without fenders;
  • Chassis: Any inline chassis;
  • Motor: BWMS050;
  • Tires: Any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire;
  • Maximum width of front and rear rolling assemblies (track) is 50.8mm but bodies/fenders may be wider; and
  • At least one racing number.

Boulevard Cruiser (BC)

  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any 1955 through 1963 full size American car. Gunze, Sangyo, Revell and AMT brands are highly recommended;
  • Chassis: Any;
  • Motor: BWNC1;
  • Tires: Any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire; and
  • Personalized licence plates are strongly encouraged while race numbers are not necessary (and in fact discouraged).

Indy Roadster (IR)

  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any true, front engined roadster that tested, registered, qualified or participated in any Indy 500 race from 1950 onwards;
  • Eligible Liveries: Authentic liveries are encouraged but fantasy liveries that maintain a look (paint colours, fonts and graphics) representative of the period that they raced are allowed;
  • Chassis: Any inline front motor configuration where the complete motor ‘can’ is forward of the base of the windscreen. The motor may be offset. The motor shaft extension may use additional bushings/bearings and be directly attached to the motor shaft with any flexible coupling (such as a spring or soft tubing) or be offset using any gearing;
  • Motor: BWMS050;
  • Tires: Any sized DArt Club Series Urethane Tire with a reasonable scale appearance [DArt D7.5 strongly recommended];
  • Minimum Weight: 80g; and
  • Maximum Overall Width: 54mm.

Trans Am Plus (TA+)

  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any model that raced in the Trans Am series between 1966 and 1973 regardless of class. Bodies may not be modified by chopping the roof, adding flares or modifying fenders in any way;
  • Chassis: Any;
  • Motor: Any; and
  • Tires: Any size DArt Club Series Urethane Tire.


  • Eligible Hard Body Models: Any model that represents a Can Am car which ran at two sanctioned CAN AM races at different tracks in any year between 1966 through 1974. Coupes are excluded;
  • Chassis: Any;
  • Motor: Any;
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: Minimum 14mm; and
  • Tires: Any DArt Club Series Urethane Tire.

To register a model for this first ever edition of American Thunder simply complete the online model registration form below. This form is just for American Thunder events and must be used. Please note that you must be logged in to see the form. A separate form must be submitted for each model you wish to enter. Even if your model is already listed in our database please submit a new form for it regardless of whether or not it has been modified. The form should only take a few minutes to complete and the information will be used in both the race report that follows and as a database entry.

If you are unable to attend in person you may have your models raced by proxy provided your models are received in time.

The deadline to submit forms is midnight, Friday September 22, 2023.

American Thunder I Model Registration Form

You must be logged in to view and complete the model registration form for this event. Please log in first.

After submitting your form please refresh your browser to find your entry listed below in ‘Entries Received’ with newest at the top. Thank you for submitting your model registration form!

Entries Received (In Order):

In addition to the above you are encouraged to visit our event topic within the Member Tracks – The Ring (Arthur – Mississauga) sub-forum to share historic details and pictures of your model and the original entry. Click on the button below to get there.

Event Details:

September 23 @ 9:00 am 2:00 pm


The Ring

Mississauga, Ontario Canada
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