2024 IROC Challenger Series

Sponsored by DArts

Talk is cheap, especially when it comes to an IROC series… but there is still time to get the ball rolling for 2024 with a new IROC Challenger Series for both constructors and pilots racing at Nova Ridge, Molto VeLoce and the additional home host track too!

The first 10 DArt Ferrari 312P bodies molded in unique colours – 6 more to come!

The platform will be based on a finished DArt Ferrari 312P (with a card interior) that is molded in one of 16 unique colours using mandatory (and provided) DArt wheels, DArt finished wheel inserts & DArt Club Series marked urethane tires. Each coloured model will have a distinctive livery.

DArt optically clear windscreens and headlamp lenses ready to be installed in every 312P body.

Chassis, configuration, body mounting system, motor, gearing, and anything else are completely open. Build or assemble it yourself or have anyone else do it for you. Mate your finished body/interior with any chassis, whether 3d printed, nut and bolt, flexy steel, scratch built, plastic, carbon fibre… anything.

Sample DArt tire, wheel & prototype insert to be included in kit

Maintain it or improve it after each race or don’t bother touching it. The choice is yours. So long as you bring your working 312P model you can participate and race all of the models present in true IROC fashion by rotating through the lanes (and models). With 16 models on a 4 lane track everyone would compete across four rotations as follows:

  • Every working model is assigned to a lane and rotation (1Green, 1Yellow, 1Red, 1Blue, 2G, 2Y, 2R, 2B, 3G, 3Y, 3R, 3B, 4G, 4Y, 4R and 4B) and stays on that lane throughout;
  • Every participant races through the first rotation (european style) until everyone has gone;
  • Second, third and fourth rotations are raced until everyone has raced every model for an equal amount of time (usually 3 minutes per lane equaling 48 minutes of total racing time); and
  • Both pilot and model/manufacturer results are recorded.

Every participant will provide and maintain their working Ferrari 312P entry. ‘Working’ means just that – that it works BUT also meets a minimum lap time of 125% of the pole time. If you don’t supply a working Ferrari 312P entry for that race then you cannot participate in that IROC race.

Models will be assigned to a lane and rotation after qualifying so that the fastest models will be raced last and models performing alike will race together.

The top three finishing pilots from the previous race will qualify the models.

If a model cannot finish a heat then the closest available match will replace it for the duration of the rotation.

This will be a separate series and not piggyback R32, S32 or S24 although the IROC Challenger raceday may be supplemented with R32 or S32 class racing to ensure everyone leaves race worn and tired.

The day, time and frequency will be determined by the availability of the participants who purchase/enter models, but at minimum one race will be held monthly and on a weekend. Additional races may be scheduled but only one result per calendar month will be recorded towards the championship for pilots.

The cost of the completed DArt Ferrari 312P with card interior, four wheels, unmounted & untrued marked tires and finished inserts is $100. An extra set of wheels, unmounted & untrued marked tires and finished inserts is $50… An extra set of wheels, mounted and trued with marked tires and finished inserts is $100…

Any participant may purchase and enter more than one model/kit and will get to race as often as they have working models entered… (so 3 models then 3x the racing and each scored separately – so it would be possible to have one racer take all three podium places…)

Purchased models are owned, kept and maintained by the participant or their designate.

Period liveries may use peel and stick or water based decals but will not have a clear lacquer or acrylic finish. Livery and race number for every model provided will be period appropriate in LeMans styling and may feature sponsors and/or be psychedelic in appearance. The goal is to have a great looking grid with models that are like in quality of finish.

Completed kits are being delivered on Saturday January 6, 2024. Racing will start monthly on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

Only completed ready to run models are now available for purchase. The cost is $350 each and RTR purchases will be delivered at the February 3, 2024 inaugural race.

For our ongoing discussion about this brand new series visit our forum topic here.

Good Luck and hopefully we’ll be exchanging the lead with one another at Nova Ridge and elsewhere in 2024!