Runabout Sponsored by DArt

– November 25, 2023 –

Thanks to everyone that attended to run fun laps, including Chris, F1nutz, Porsche911, Felix, MiA, KensRedZed, ChrisGuy and myself. Large scale boulevard cruisers, an assortment of vintage sportscars, several BRM small displacement production models courtesy of Chris and several Cox bare chassis graced the circuit.

Keep building – especially those large scale boulevard cruiser interiors!!! At 130.6 grams, the completed 1967 Pontiac GTO with KRZ chassis, Fox10 motor, 13×38 anglewinder gearing and DArt D12B urethane club series tires performed well and was quite quick. The GTO featured a foam interior with DArt pilot and accessories weighing 5.6g plus aluminium side dump pipes and blue Michigan licence plates. New DArt urethane no. 3 (thick and thin) urethane washers also dampen the body mount posts…

One thought on “S24 Runabout 231125

  1. Art,
    Thank you for putting these events together.
    Looks like your GTO and Michael’s Impala are leading the pack for fit and finish with interiors.
    Sharp looking cars all around!

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