Runabout Sponsored by DArt

– October 28, 2023 –

This month a wide cross section of large scale models both new and old participated at Nova Ridge. Many thanks to everyone who joined me to run fun laps, including F1nutz, Porsche911, Felix, MiA, KensRedZed and ChrisGuy. Large scale boulevard cruisers, an assortment of vintage sportscars and a few other odd ball models graced the circuit.

Many thanks to everyone who participated including Chris for bringing several spectacular vintage and scratch built models to run.

Till our next Runabout on November 25th keep building! In the meantime please a safe Halloween, a solemn Remembrance Day and to our American brothers a wonderful Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “S24 Runabout 231028

  1. Had fun zipping my Bug around, and my Chevy was ‘Heavy’, in a good way! :>) Thanks Art for hosting!!!

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