Goodwood II

The Final Touchups

After a wonderful day in Kimberly, Ontario, the latest work on Goodwood II is complete. Sinkhole patched, final touchups done, straw bales & tire stacks added and original track structures back in place. Trackmate hardware & software tested and racing surface thoroughly cleaned. A big thank you to Ken for all of his help and to Scott for his generous hospitality as always.

As you can see a stand of trees and some foliage were placed in the area of reoccurring sinkholes to discourage future pressures.

A significant number of straw bales were (and even some fencing added) in key gutter areas as an improved safety measure. DArt urethane straw bales and tire stacks were glued in place using clear Gorilla brand 5 minute epoxy.

Original Scalextric paddock and infield service buildings and marshal stands placed around the track with some other original track features…

Is it really all done? I think so, but time will tell… I hope somewhere out there John is smiling… Cheers!

One thought on “Goodwood II 2023

  1. Awesome … we may be hosting an event there in October. Look forward to racing on it again … and glad the software is okay! And yes, I am sure JF is smiling!

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