Ringwood XXXIII

Proxy @ The RING

January 25 – 29, 2021

Kicking off the Scratch32 2021 winter calendar we revisit the last of the gentlemen grand prix pilots by proxy – featuring models from 1950 through 1980 in four separate scratch32 open wheel classes:

  • 1950’s Grand Prix (50GP);
  • 1.5L Grand Prix (15LGP);
  • 3.0L Grand Prix (3LGP); and
  • 1970’s Grand Prix (70GP).

Pre-proxy preparations were underway at The RING. Radio relay stands were given a fresh coat of paint…Road signage was updated even though nothing moved…note the errant set screw in the foreground…Former racing debris was (almost all) removed… Raccoons were chased away from underneath Marshal stands…Advertising appeared in the hemlock forest…And the Michelin Man grew in height and girth…

Track boundaries were further updated with newly buried tires…TV crews tested their equipment for the upcoming broadcast… Fans staked out their favourite spots to watch the action, sometimes not in the safest of places… Let the festivities begin!

Day One: Proxy & House Entries

From the garages of Luis came a bright white 1974 Brabham BT44 #7 piloted by South American Carlos Reutemann [NEW]. Luis mated a scratch built wire and brass chassis to a popular DArt Eclektrix body kit:Why is Graham Hill in every photo???

From Ken’s Hot Rod Garage arrived one entry in each class. In 1950’s GP the 1954 french blue Maserati 250F #13 with pilot Snidely Whiplash sporting a nicely trimmed handlebar mustache. Ken matched his scratch built KRZ aluminium chassis to a repainted Scaley body.

In 1.5L GP: a 1962 bright yellow Belgian BRM 578 Stackpipe #8 piloted by Friedrich von Fender Bender, privateer extraordinaire…  using a  KRZ custom chassis underneath a DArt bodykit.In 3.0L GP a 1968 Matra MS10 #26 with Brazilian pilot Lyman Zerga… another KRZ custom aluminium chassis mated to a DArt Eclektrix body kit. and finally in 1970 GP a 1973 Shadow DN1 #15 with Columbian pilot Indigo Montoya, uncle of J.P. Montoya… another KRZ custom aluminium chassis mated with a DArt Eclektrix body kit…From the house garagista – #8 Harry Schell (BRM P25) [59GP008-1AT]  …and #11 J.M. Fangio (Ferrari D50 Type A) [56GP011-1AT]… …In 1.5L GP: #30 Dan Gurney (Porsche 804) [61GP030-1AT]… …#7 John Surtees (Ferrari 158) [64GP007-1AT]… …#3 W. Von Trips (Ferrari 156) [61GP003-1AT]… …in 3.0L GP – #8 J.P. Beltoise (Matra MS10) [68GP008-1AT]… … and at the discretion of the race director #12 Ritchie Ginther (Honda RA273) [66GP012-1AT] with a low power motor… …and in 1970 GP #8 Carlos Pace (Brabham BT44) [74GP008-1AT]… …#15 1974 G. Hill Hill-Shadow DN1 [74GP015-1AT]… … #17 Jackie Stewart (Tyrrell 003) [71GP017-1AT]… …#11 James Hunt (McLaren M23) [76GP011-1AT]… Other new DArt entries previously registered did not arrive. Their transporter was delayed by Canadian customs.

Proxy and house entries were all given a few shakedown laps before retiring to the paddock.

Day Two: Qualifying

Race order would be based on every model’s fastest lap achieved within 60 seconds on the middle lane. Qualifying order, starting with 1950’s Grand Prix and ending with 1970’s Grand Prix would be as follows:

  1. #8 (50GP);
  2. #11 (50GP);
  3. #13 (50GP);
  4. #7 (15LGP);
  5. #3 (15LGP);
  6. #30 (15LGP);
  7. #8 (15LGP);
  8. #12 (3LGP)* Low Power Motor
  9. #26 (3LGP);
  10. #8 (3LGP);
  11. #11 (70GP);
  12. #15A (70GP);
  13. #15K (70GP);
  14. #17 (70GP);
  15. #7 (70GP);
  16. #8 (70GP).

Final Qualifying Results:

Model                Lap Time      Speed (Mph)

  1. #8 70GP            6.121         257
  2. #17 70GP          6.164         255
  3. #15A 70GP        6.174         254
  4. #11 70GP           6.333         248
  5. #15K 70GP         6.374         246
  6. #8 3LGP              6.642         236
  7. #7 70GP              6.660         236
  8. #26 3LGP            6.984         225
  9. #12 3LGP            7.143         220
  10. #7 15LGP            7.180         219
  11. #3 15LGP            7.181         219
  12. #8 15LGP            7.189         218
  13. #30 15LGP          7.247         217
  14. #13 50GP            7.503         209
  15. #11 50GP            7.711         204
  16. #8 50GP              7.724         203

…And so the grid is set!

Day Three: The Race (Stage 1)

Stage 1 would take place on the green lane at 10v.

Proxy and house entries would start in reverse qualifying order. Proxy entries as follows:

Stage 1 Proxy Entry Results:

  1. #15K (70GP) 28 Laps (1.725 ext.);
  2. #7L (70GP) 26 (1.434);
  3. #26K (3LGP) 25 (0.695);
  4. #13K (50GP) 24 (3.407);
  5. #8K (15LGP) 24 (6.905).

Day Four: The Race (Stage 2)

Stage 2 would take place on the yellow lane at 10.5v.

Stage 2 Proxy Entry Results:

  1. #15K (70GP) 29 Laps (3.549 ext.);
  2. #7L (70GP) 27 (3.082);
  3. #26K (3LGP) 26 (2.144);
  4. #13K (50GP) 25 (1.447);
  5. #8K (15LGP) 25 (6.750).

Day Five: The Race (Stage 3)

Stage 3 would take place on the red lane at 11v.

Stage 3 Proxy Entry Results:

  1. #7L (70GP) 30 Laps (4.253 ext.);
  2. #15K (70GP) 30 (4.396);
  3. #26K (3LGP) 27 (4.935);
  4. #13K (50GP) 27 (6.471);
  5. #8K (15LGP) 26 (0.151).

Final Proxy Entry Race Results:


  1. #15K (70GP) 87 Laps;
  2. #7L (70GP) 83*;
  3. #26K (3LGP) 78;
  4. #13K (50GP) 76;
  5. #8K (15LGP) 75.

*non-scalextric FF050 motor

1950’s Grand Prix:

  1. #13K (50GP) 76 Laps.

1.5L Grand Prix:

  1. #8K (15LGP) 75 Laps.

3.0L Grand Prix:

  1. #26K (3LGP) 78 Laps.

1970’s Grand Prix:

  1. #15K (70GP) 87 Laps.

1970’s Grand Prix (Other Motor):

  1. #7L (70GP) 83 Laps.

Cheers and congratulations to both Ken and Luis!

Both of you will be receiving your eSHOP prize coupon codes by email… in the meantime stay well!

I hope to have a video compilation of the race which will be posted to my you tube channel. Stay tuned!

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  1. Cheers!
    -Model database updated;
    -All proxy & house model galleries updated; and
    -Links added in model database for participant model galleries…

  2. Art. Thank you very kindly for putting this all together. The photos look amazing!

    My wife saw the track in action for the first time, and thought it was very cool. :good:

  3. That was a really nice race, THANK YOU Art for your efforts, I am surprise having gone so far, I did not expect that.

  4. Fabulous as expected, I’m sure Herre Stroebell was exhausted post time trials; I hope that he hydrated well post this gruelling exercise, and his Iron Finger is indeed!! Looking forward to results, appeared some very close dices time wise, Jackie, Graham and Carlos furiously fast. And wonderful early GP action, when drivers were fat, and tires skinny!!

  5. Excellent photos!! :good: Additions/changes to the track look great! :yahoo: Best vantage point for videos so far I think. Some very respectable times being run! Well done everyone. Great field. Looking forward to the race B-) Sorry I missed this one. 😥

  6. I don’t have high expectations for my entry performance but very happy to have made it to the start line, great job Art, Thank You for taking the time to organize this event.

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