Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Scratch32 is a private group of 1/32 scale model slot car hobbyists who all share a focus on:

  1. building one of a kind highly detailed and historically accurate models;
  2. building one of a kind performance driven chassis for their models;
  3. presenting those models as part of a historically representative grid;
  4. knowing and sharing the history and providence of their models, the drivers and events in which they participated; and
  5. racing those models in an exciting yet ‘gentlemanly’ manner with like minded competitors on fully scenerized layouts.

The models are the stars of this show – but they must be raced to have standing. Every model represents a ‘token’ lapping on a circuit ‘game board’. Every celebration of racing is an ‘event’ worthy of thorough pre-race preparation and post race reflection. Building a highly detailed scratch built model takes time and for this reason merits doing the research, planning the grid with registration and capturing the event with a poster and historical report. Our model database makes registration and reporting much easier and should be a valuable resource for any scratch builder.

Scratch32 recognizes that model car racing is a rewarding hobby involving much more than just racing a model or vintage ‘toy car’ on a race track. It is a ‘team’ hobby and everyone contributes to the extent that they can for the enjoyment of all. Information and assistance are readily offered and questions always welcome. Efforts to customize, paint and decal bodies and fit those bodies onto scratch built chassis will be shared and compared, both on and off track. Check out our Resources sub-forum for helpful information and links provided by our participants.

Remember too that aesthetics need not be sacrificed for performance – nor performance for aesthetics. Furthermore, while honesty, pride and self restraint have worked so far to help ensure a level playing field (this is rare with most groups that race) Scratch32 continues to reward those qualities with a set of simplified rules covering eight classes spanning the greatest eras of motor racing. Our rules encourage innovation and experimentation with very few limitations. To be eligible every chassis OR body must be ‘scratch’ built by the racer but our goal is to move towards a combination of both scratch built chassis and customized bodies.

Our year is split into three seasons (Fall (Sept – Dec), Winter (Jan – Apr) and Summer (May – Aug)) and each has its own Scratch32 calendar. Consult our current calendar for an overview of scheduled events and plan accordingly.

All Scratch32 events take place at the infamous Ring or the Molto VeLoce Circuit.

There are four re-occurring Scratch32 events. They are:

  • Ringwood – 1950 Grand Prix, 1.5L Grand Prix, 3.0L Grand Prix & 1970 Grand Prix (for class details consult our Rules page);
  • Internationale Meisterschaft – Sportscars (1950-1965), Classic Era Sportscars & Prototypes (1966-1971), CANAM and Hot Rod (for class details consult our Rules page);
  • Targa Florio – All classes that raced, qualified, practiced or registered for the 1969, 1970 and 1971 races. Classes determine eligible motors (consult the Targa Florio Rules on our Rules page);
  • La Carrera Panamericana – All sub-classes that raced, qualified, practiced or registered for the 1950 through 1954 editions of the race. Visit our sub-forum for this event for useful links. There are two general classes: the ‘target’ ‘slow’ motor (SP) and the ‘unlimited’ motor (SP+) classes (consult La Carrera Panamericana Rules on our Rules page).

For historical photographs or other original resources please visit our Historical 1:1 sub-forum. Explore Scratch32!