Next Scratch32 Event: Targa Florio V (1969-1971)

Make sure to consult the latest Scratch32 calendar for upcoming events at either The Ring or Molto VeLoce.

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For Ringwood and Internationale Meisterschaft events prepare your scratch built entries after reviewing the Scratch32 General & Class Rules. Note that period fantasy liveries (and fictitious drivers) are permitted for Ringwood and Meisterschaft events.

For quarterly special events such as the Targa Florio or La Carrera Panamericana make sure to review that event’s model eligibility requirements. Event posters along with special event rules, format and classes (if any) will be released on this website. Check back often for updates.

As early as possible provide accurate details of every scratch built entry that you plan to present to the grid for ALL events by completing the on-line Scratch32 Model Entry Form. If you have already presented a model to the grid in a prior event and that model has not had any significant change made to it (ie. weight, gearing, etc.) then you need not submit another Model Entry Form for it because it should already exist in our Model Database. Every model in our database that has been presented to the grid will have a unique Model Identification Number assigned to it for future identification.

For quarterly special events such as the Targa & Panamericana you must ALSO register each of your liveries by posting a historical photograph along with full race car details (including driver(s) and class) and race result – plus anything else worth noting (reason for DNF, details of any accident or mishap during the race, etc.) by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button and replying in the sub-forum. You may assign a different racing number to your model provided it matches the style/font of the original. You are also strongly encouraged to do the same for both Ringwood and Internationale Meisterschaft events for all historically accurate models/liveries.

Identical entries in any event are not permitted so register early to reserve your model/number. Priority will be given to models which are registered. Remember that multiple entries from every builder are encouraged.