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And so after managing to obtain a rare 1/32 scale model of a Ferrari 246SP and doing a little research on the car I was still left with a cloudy memory of the Rodriguez brothers having driven shark nosed Ferrari’s at Mosport sometime in the early 60’s. Finding that Innes Ireland had in fact driven…

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Ferrari’s First mid-engined Sports Prototypes  Somewhere along the line I acquired a little Ferrari 246SP model that I hope to develop into a running model. Some of my earliest memories are of these cars racing at Mosport back in the early 60’s driven by the Rodriguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo (I thought??). Before building a…

Carrera Panamericana: A bit of the backstory
4 months ago 2 Comments

Carrera Panamericana A bit of history In 1950, Mexico was, to some, an ancient and backward country stuck in the wrong century. It had given the United States tremendous economic support during the war, but the average American’s view of the land south of the border was of an unstable and uneducated nation, with a…

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Alfa Romeo at the 1954 Carrera Panamericana  As Art was kind enough to set up a blog for my meanderings I felt I should give it a go. What to write about, how long should it be? Perhaps I could use a blog as an excuse to dig a little more into subjects I was…