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      Tamiya makes a semi-gloss that fits nicely when flat-black or gloss-black just won’t do. It gives a nice look to grills, exhaust manifolds, tonneau covers, and ZL1 Corvette hoods. Be careful not to lay it on too thick or it will start to become glossy.

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      Very nice work, all look magnificent! Now where’s the Porsche decal on that Bad Mutha 550, she looks fast and low, sorry though, I don’t have any 1/32 dice to hang on her! Kidding :good: :good: :good:   Your builds keep progressing, both performance and aesthetically, setting the bar too high!!

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      Thank you very kindly Porsche911. A friend was kind enough to give me Porsche decals by the name of Porsche911. Coincidence? Thanks a million!

      I was racing with time to finish a really old Audi. No pun intended.

      The RS61 has been torn apart for making very rude noises. It seems that a bearing is defective. Decals will go on both Porsche’s as soon as I stop handling the car for repairs.

      Thanks again for those decals!

      There’s probably a real market for 1/32 fuzzy dice. Make your first million 3-cents at a time? I’m sure fuzzy dice will eventually show up at Professor Motor.

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