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      As with everything R32 and later Scratch32 the definition of sportscar is the result of an evolution of ideas, goals and finally rules spanning nearly two decades.

      Sportscar is a ‘catch all’ designation or badge. Depending on whether it is an R32 or Scratch32 event models may span from 1950 up to 1965 (Scratch32) or beyond up to 1970 (R32). Models from various endurance series/races (1950-1965 [Scratch32] or 1950-1970 [R32]) and the USRRC and SCCA era non-endurance racing series (1960-1965) [PC/US] are all included under the moniker ‘sportscar’ and all models that raced whether prototype or mass produced are included as well.

      To determine whether or not a ‘sportscar’ is eligible for a Scratch32, R32 or special event you must review the rules for the series or event. This means READ the rules or event details first. After all, that is why they are there.

      Q1: Is the model or is the model from a series expressly excluded (or included) for an event?

      Q2: Did the model race in an endurance race during the required period and is therefore an eligible Scratch32 or R32 model? If not, is it an eligible PC/US model for the pre-canam series ONLY.

      All potential sportscars are designated with an ‘SP’ in their MIN within our Scratch32 database. This fact alone DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY mean that the model is eligible as a sportscar in any series mentioned above unless of course it meets the series or event criteria… To help clear up any potential for confusion I’ve removed any reference to SP under the ‘Class’ column for models which clearly do not meet Scratch32 or R32 sportscar criteria (ie. they did not compete in an endurance series during the required period) and in their place substituted PC or US designations. Also note that models eligible for the Targa (but ineligible for SP) will also have their own Targa class designation added in the Class column.

      Also, keep in mind that the model needs to look right for the series as well. For instance, if it raced with functional headlamps then the model should have appropriate headlamp detail (n0n-functional unless a requirement for an event). The same goes for other details. Relying on toy manufacturer descriptions/designations or obscure and unreliable resources can also be a big pitfall. Furthermore, please, please, please resist any temptation to ‘shoe-horn’ a model into a series in which it doesn’t truly belong. Finally, if in doubt, ask.

      Hope this helps.

      Let's Get Building!

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