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      I think there are still a VERY misguided few that insist that because a model completed so many laps one evening at any track that they would have done the same on any other date. WRONG. SO VERY WRONG.

      Results are not universal. As a track builder, host and proxy host I’ve seen track changes at different times/locations on all of my tracks. The difference on any given night may be significant – up to 2 seconds for a 75 ft track. This also doesn’t factor in how fast or slow other leaders may have engaged during that race either. Do your best to ignore such comments, suggestions or insinuations – you need to be there to compete in the first place…

      But if this is what it takes to keep you in the hobby then by all means guesstimate how well you or others may do on any night – but you are just fooling yourself in the end. Keep it to your own imagination and stay happy.

      Let's Get Building!

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      The specific words that attracted me to this club were “It’s a gentlemen’s club, and not only about winning. It’s a friendship of racers and scratch-builders”. Sold! Count me in!

      1) A slow race night for me is usually due to a bad night’s sleep the night before. After that I’m coming in last no matter what anyone says.

      2) I came in last, but had a blast!

      3) There is still a bright side to coming in last. We get to race our scratch built cars on some really nice tracks.

      4) You learn nothing from others if everyone is a worse driver than you. It pays to help educate others so they can figure out new tricks and give back to you in some way you didn’t think of.

      5) You paint a target on your back if you only want to win, win, win. Winning might be everything in the real world. Friendship should be more important here because this is a hobby.

      6) It takes a far greater man to teach others to be equal drivers to them rather than to dominate every race.

      Art. You have been an example of someone willing to allow others to win even though you could have dominated many races. I salute you for it and hope to be the same example in the future.

      However. All seriousness aside. Luis still thinks I’m going to breath his tire smoke. I still think he’ll eat my dust. Time will tell.  :yahoo:

      That’s my pennies worth.


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      Let's Get Building!

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      AvatarLuis Meza

      I am really happy to have found a group of guys doing Slot cars as professional as it can be done on a friendly environment. I have learn a lot, I never thought slot car fun can be taken to this levels, winning or losing really means nothing, personally I just enjoy trying the things that I learn and testing it to see if I can improve my build performance.

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      Did I miss something….? Again…???

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      Nope. You missed nothing MIA. I recognize the conversation or topic Art is speaking about and merely took the opportunity to expand on it.

      I may know how to build a chassis. But I’m just starting to look at lap times and total lap counts and it’s official. They are pretty much meaningless between friends. Specially if we all help each other to be better. Helping each other will keep everyone on the lead lap. It will be more fun if everyone is equal in the end. There will always be a winner and someone dead last. But it’s a boring race if 3-drivers are all on different laps.

      I hope that explains things?

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