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      For the last several years I’ve contemplated building a second track (to accompany The Ring) in the theme of one of my favourite now long lost venues – the Targa Florio – my overall plan is to make it floor to ceiling, 2 or 3 lanes and very long (at least 120 ft in length). I’ve studied other tracks made in the spirit of the Targa and many historical pictures/resources of the circuit(s).

      At this stage I’m planning lighting and overall footprint so while I do so I would welcome links to any interesting pictures, online resources or other helpful things that you may have come across to offer inspiration while planning the layout of this new circuit.

      I have no deadline nor am I in any rush to complete this project so should it take a year or more to complete (or even start) that is just fine.

      Thank you for any contribution – just reply to this topic.


      Let's Get Building!

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      Hi Art, sounds epic, Molto Benne!!!

      This one is a Targa FLorio homage…and pretty good too, buildings and countryside/rocks spectacular!  :good:

      And here, some good pics

      TRIBUNE CERDA 2004

      for the Tiffosi

      F 166 SC 006I (1950-04-02 Targa Florio, Bordonaro #429, DNF) 01.1

      Think I might have posted this before, but pretty cool

      and this, narrated by Vic Elford!!


      Will compile some more for you, and look forward to seeing your creation! Will help when I can if needed.



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      Will keep my eyes peeled for 1/32 Goats, Sheep an Donkeys too!!

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      Ancoro uno…nice leisurely drive, the History of the event



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      Cool stuff Porsche911.

      I would be happy to help by offering my hands and tools. I also have a 4′ x 8′ trailer for materials. I can bring a little liquid inspiration AKA wobbly-pop. I can also bring a little bag of oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies for nourishment. That should help keep the project moving. I stand ready. Just say the word. :good:

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      Sounds like a worthwhile project and I know you are up for the job Art.  I am sure you are aware of Luf’s site.  There are numerous pictures of the Targa Burnaby track – very cool.    In fact there are 2 to 3 Targa track versions on the site that he created.

      Take care folks


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      AvatarJoe Lauver


      Will really look forward to seeing what you come up with. I have always admired Luf’s Targa tracks for trying to capture the topography. Can you offer any advice on taping? Your copper tape in photos of your track look perfect. I am getting ready to replace the tape on my track and wonder what I should have done differently to get it to last. Mine started to buckle and lift no matter how much I burnished it.


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