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    This fourth version of the Targa now goes back to include models that participated in 1969 – so any replica from 1969 through to 1971 is eligible for the Targa. As always, participants in any class that raced in those years are eligible and will be scored accordingly.

    To recap the Rules for the Targa remain the same as before but for the inclusion of 1969 models. Download a .pdf version of the updated Targa Rules & Classes below. You must be logged in to download the file.

    As always, please register your eligible models within this thread. Every participant may register up to 8 models for this event but there is no guarantee that more than 4 may race. Models not registered will not be eligible to race. Please provide details and any historical info that can be incorporated into the event report. For convenience links to prior registration threads are listed below.

    Targa Florio III registration details are here.

    Targa Florio II registration details are here.

    Targa Florio I registration details are here.


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    In addition to the cars that have been registered and or raced in Targa’s I and II, there JMS team will be presenting the following car to the grid

    The #190 Lola T70 Mk.3B GT Chevrolet as raced by Müller / Bonnier in the 1969 Targa Florio but was retired after completing 3 laps due to suspension damage.  The car was sponsored by Ecurie Bonnier-Scuderia Filipinetti.  It raced under class S5.0.

    Lola #190

    The JMS Targa Lineup

    JMS Targa Cars 1



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    Quite a diverse lineup JMSracer! Looking forward to seeing them go! :wacko:

    If you have time before the event please review the Targa Guidelines and specifically item #4 under the ‘To Summarize’ section near the bottom…

    Thank you for registering your line up! :good:

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    Two returning entries from the DArt factory:


    138 Porsche 911 S 2,0
    SCUDERIA: Ecurie Evergreen
    PILOTI: Alain De Cadenet – Mike Ogier
    CATEGORIA: categoria gran turismo-classe da 1601 a 2000 cc
    CLASSIFICA: 15°assoluti, 3°categoria gran turismo, 2°classe da 1601 a 2000 cc a 2 giri


    1970 – #18 Porsche 908/2
    PILOTI: Hans Laine – Gijs Van Lennep
    CATEGORIA: categoria sport prototipi-classe da 2001 a 3000 cc
    CLASSIFICA: 4°assoluti, 3°categoria sport prototipi, 3°classe da 2001 a 3000 cc

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    And a new entry to be presented to the Grid in the S1.3 class:

    1971 – #67 Autobianchi Giliberti A 112

    SCUDERIA: Pegaso
    PILOTI: Giancarlo Barba – Antonio Garofalo
    CATEGORIA: categoria sport prototipi-classe da 1001 a 1300 cc
    CLASSIFICA: rit.4°giro (DNF)

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    Returning for another kick at the proverbial can,

    The #8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE (Porsche 908/3)

    And as part of a strong Scuderia Pegaso.
    The #130 – SCALERA/JACONO (Porsche 912) GT1.6 – 60;

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    That Autobianchi Giliberti must have been pretty damned quick to rip the numbers off the side ;^)


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