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      I painted 2-cars with Tamiya PS paint by mistake. I was at the cottage for a 2-week vacation, and a glass of wine may have been an influence. Most people tell you never use PS on plastic bodies, and never use TS on polycarbonate bodies (clear RC bodies).

      Now that I already made the mistake. I needed to find out why? Would I wake up one day and find both cars in a pool of plastic goo?

      Here are the reasons…

      TS is made for hard plastic and has a gloss finish when applied correctly to the outside of a body. It doesn’t adhere very well to polycarbonate and usually flakes off.

      PS is made for polycarbonate and is meant to be applied to the inside of a clear body. It has very little natural shine on it’s own. If you paint a plastic car with PS paint. It will have more of a matt finish. That’s the biggest difference for plastic cars. However, there is an added bonus that your slot car will be fuel-proof. Like it really matters.

      The green Lotus is TS. The blue Lotus is PS paint… Oops. :wacko:

      And the other mistake…

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      This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog..... we laughed a lot.
      Even though I may be new at this myself. How can I help you build your car?

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