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      According to our St. Lawrence Polish Scout:

      So far Covid 19 numbers in region are low.19 by last count. By tradition here in Cornwall we have ordered the beavers in the St. Lawrence to dam the river on the Quebec end so no one enters upstream by canoe and we are constructing a giant wall of corn stalks ( as in the late 1700’s and during the war of 1812) to keep the yanks out. Hence the name CORNWALL…Alas it s time to go and see what I can scrap together from bits and pieces in the slot car work shop…maybe order from Art or Pendle…everybody please stay safe and healthy. If you are out of hand sanitizer two parts CR (Crown Royal) and 3 parts ice cubes is an excellent “internal sanitizer.” Play by the rules and stay healthy.

      We might be breaking free finally…

      Our first R32 and S32 races will be held at MVL – we will have a cap of 10 and it will be restricted to just those who have participated in either R32 or S32 events beforehand… so be it for now… as always you MUST register for these races online here… NO EXCEPTION… so keep checking our website calendar and upcoming events section for info…

      I will ask everyone to also wear a mask regardless…


      Let's Get Building!

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      Haha Great to hear from the Most Interesting Man in Cornwall!

      When he drinks beer it’s Crown Royal!

      Glad the CR supply is holding steady.

      BTW We all know it was a hole of corn that held the Americans back in 1812 but history recorded it incorrectly ;^)





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