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      R32 XXXIV @ Spa-Lyons - January 20, 2020


      Monday, January 20, 2020 @ Spa-Lyons

      Classes: NASCAR (NC), 1970's Grand Prix (70GP), Group C/IMSA (GCI) & Modern LMP/GT (LMP);
      Doors Open @ 5:30pm; Track On @ 6:00pm; Pizza @ 6:30pm; Racing @ 7pm.

      If you are interested in participating please let us all know by logging in and registering your attendance below. If you don`t have a Scratch32 account but have raced with us before please email either myself or the host and we'll save a spot for you... if you need directions please contact our gracious host...

      Registration opens at 26-12-2019 11:00

      Registration closes at 20-01-2020 17:00

      Max Participants: 10

      Registered Users:

      1. KensRedZed
      2. MiA
      3. Porsche911
      4. f1nutz
      5. Jimbo

      Registration is currently closed.

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      Drew. Thank you for hosting a fun evening!

      Art, Felix, Luis, and JonnyRocket were missed. We all hope everyone can make the next race.


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      Thanks for hosting Drew. Race report will follow in a few days. B-)

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      January 2020, and excitement was high as teams arrived at Spa-Lyons for the first R32 evening of the new decade! The weather outside was piled higher and deeper thanks to an earlier snowfall, but inside things were warm and dry with a good crowd anticipating an evening of fun.

      Spectators had arrived on all sorts of wonderful machinery, both 2 wheeled

      and four. Ducati’s, MV Augusta’s, Aston’s and E-types graced the course providing some true European flair.

      Patrons were scattered around the track, staying in all manner of accommodations and enjoying some of the finest pies on offer.

      Photo crews jostled for the best vantage points

      and the paparazzi were in evidence around the track- not necessarily always interested in the action on the track it seemed.

      The good old boys lined up for the anthem prior to the first race.

      And then they were off! The usual amount of NASCAR carnage ensued for the first
      few laps until the drivers began to settle in after the long layoff.

      When it was over, Jeff Gordon had far outpaced the rest of the field with 66 laps in the Rainbow Warrior, while
      Jimmy Johnson, Dale Earnhart Jr. and Bad Boy Kurt Busch dragged in next with 62 laps with half a second and
      then 5 seconds separating the three cars. Matt Kenseth the victim of some early aggressive driving finished with
      60 laps. Afterwards the stewards had stern talks with some of the ‘boys’ behind closed doors.

      After a through track cleaning by the course workers to clean the NASCAR bits, next up were the 70’s GP cars.

      A more gentlemanly race ensued, perhaps due to the fragile nature of the cars or perhaps just because the cars
      were more suited to the winding nature of the course.

      Carlos Pace in a Surtees–Ford  TS16-2 with “Hi Fi Bang & Olufsen” sponsorship arrived home 1st  with 70 laps,
      followed one lap later by Emilio de Villota in a rare Lotus 78 with 69 laps and with Patrick DePailler in a Tyrell 007
      a further lap back with 68. Indigo Montoya in a custom liveried Shadow DN1 finished with 65 laps and the McLaren
      M23 of James Hunt ran further astern with 62 laps after some technical difficulties.

      Following a short pause for the cause racing continued with Group C cars taking to the track.
      The action was fast and furious.

      When the chequered fell, the Canon sponsored Porsche 956C of Palmer/ Lammers/Lloyd had covered 73 laps,
      while the #38 Toyota 88C driven by Artzet/Hoshino/Suzuki was well back with 69 laps. The Nissan R89C of
      Hasemi / Hoshino / Suzuki rounded out the podium with 67 laps.

      The Mercedes Sauber of Acheson/Baldi/Niedwiedz finished with 65 laps. The field was rounded out by the cigarette
      sponsored ‘Fortuna’ Porsche 962C with 64 laps after some technical issues with their primary car.

      The final race of the evening was LMP/GT cars.

      Under the watchful eyes of a pair of 356 Porsche Speedsters around Hot tub corner they flew, with not all drivers
      apparently giving their undivided attention to the course??

      When the dust had settled, local knowledge and driver talent proved a considerable advantage with the #25 Porsche
      911 GT1 of Muller/Alzen/Wollek outclassing the rest of the field with 75 laps.

      Followed home in second by the similar Fever sponsored ‘Cat In The Hat’ Porsche 911 GT1 of A.Hahne & A.Scheld
      with 72 laps.

      A Lola B09/60 driven by Piro/Cocker/Drayson ran third with 67 laps

      and the Yellow Corn McLaren F1GTR entered by Team Hitotsuyama Racing with drivers Naoki Hattori and
      Eiichi Tajima finished with 65 laps.

      It was great to return to Spa-Lyons after a holiday break.
      Thanks to our host Drew and his wife Nancy for their hospitality on a blustery January evening!

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      Amazing race report MIA!

      Thanks a million! :good:

      Fun facts...
      Chuck Norris's roundhouse kicks are so powerful. The shockwave can be seen from space with the naked eye.
      Chuck Norris once participated in the "running of the bulls". But he walked.

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      Thanks MiA for your terrific transcription of the event! You may blind in 1 corner, but you clearly have an Eye for photo’s!!

      Greatly appreciated!

      And thanks F1Nuts, KensRedZ and Jimbo for coming out to play in the Spa :yahoo: :yahoo:

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      Hi guys.  Just had a chance last night to see the excellent race report by MiA, sorry for my late note.  It looks like a great set of races on a beautiful track.

      I was looking forward to being there. I’ve been collecting appropriate cars and this was the first event for which I had a car to run in each class; unlikely to have that matchup happen again for quite a while. After doing a lot of adjustments, upgrades and extra detailing, my cars were finally ready and packed up the night before, my ‘track snacks’ were all packed, and the driving weather was dry and sunny from my end.

      Then I had a couple of side effects, nausea and dizziness, snuck in from all the medications I have been taking. I was hoping they would dissipate, but I finally had to give up. My apologies to the fellows who made it to the event, hope I didn’t cause any inconvenience.


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      Excellent report MiA! Thanks for posting!

      Felix – you were not alone – health issues prevented others from participating too, including myself – get better and we’ll see you at the next one! Cheers!

      Let's Get Building!

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