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      R32 @ The Dale - November 12, 2018


      Monday, November 12, 2018 @ The Dale (7pm - 10pm)

      Classes: Trans Am (TA); Classic LeMans (CLM); Formula One (F1); 3.0L LeMans (1972-1977) (3LM);
      Doors Open @ 6pm; Racing @ 7pm.

      If you are interested in participating please let us all know by logging in and registering your attendance below.

      Registration opens at 10-10-2018 08:00

      Registration closes at 13-11-2018 18:00

      Max Participants: 9

      Registered Users:

      1. artdart
      2. KensRedZed
      3. MiA
      4. Jimbo

      Registration is currently closed.

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      Don’t forget to make sure you have the latest Scratch32 & R32 calendar – it was updated to v5 – see our calendar page or click on the attachment below for your own copy in .pdf format… see everyone tomorrow at The Dale!

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      Thank you for hosting a great evening of racing. I came in last, but had a blast!


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      Thanks for an excellent evening of racing everyone. B-)

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      Those five that showed up treated the rest of us to some excellent and close racing – I can’t remember the results but I know that three of the four classes were all close finishes and I don’t remember having so much fun for a long time – it was great to have a Cougar with Dan Gurney, Joe Siffert in a Ferrari, Alonso in a Mercedes & Jo Bonnier in the iconic swiss cheese Lola on my team – likely never again…

      Thanks again Jimbo for hosting and for excellent pizza!

      I’ll see the rest of you this Saturday at MVL – racing Classic Stock Car, Sportscars, 1970’s Grand Prix & CANAM – I can’t think of better classes for Saturday – see you then! :yahoo:

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      As an aside:

      Results and photos are nice in that they have a historical significance which the immediate ignores. I looked back on the darthobbies website to races held more than 5 years ago…. No one wants to be embarrassed. No one wants to be ignored. Hence the conflict and the excuses. On the scratch32 website R32 has its own forum for results – just follow the thread – free of charge & load as many images/text as you wish – and the best part – we own it – not google, not SCI, not ANYONE but us – so we’ll leave it to hosts to take advantage of this – if they choose not to avail themselves of this opportunity at their own venue then so be it…

      Or leave it to others. Your time is more valuable. After All.

      When we were at Jimbo’s I felt a little guilty when someone asked ‘who’s taking the photos?’ after the first race – and I responded that Jimbo is if he wishes to… I don’t saddle anyone with that responsibility at The Ring, nor do other hosts such as JMSracer whenever we race there… it is nice that others who can – do host which gives the rest of us a break from that obligation – and by break I mean from taking photos and posting results… Back a while ago Vanski used to take all of our race photos and post them on SCI – but after a while he stopped doing that.

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