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      R32 @ The River - September 15, 2018


      Saturday, September 15, 2018 @ The River (9am - 1pm)

      Classes: Trans Am (TA), Sportscars (SP/SP+), Classic LeMans (CLM), CANAM (CA);
      Doors Open @ 9am; Racing @ 10am.

      If you are interested in participating please let us all know by logging in and registering your attendance below.

      Registration opens at 27-08-2018 08:00

      Registration closes at 15-09-2018 08:00

      Max Participants: 9

      Registered Users:

      1. artdart
      2. KensRedZed
      3. racer68
      4. Gary

      Registration is currently closed.

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      A reminder that all racers for any R32 race must pre-register as those above have done. Thank you.

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      Glad to see you’ll be making it out Gary! Cheers!

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      BTW, any of you from the west end planning on attending I would be happy to give you a lift in to the city – that way you need not worry about parking or anything else, just having some fun on a great track! :good:

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      Three door prizes for those that have registered to attend tomorrow morning:

      These are a set of urethane washers and two sets of 1.5mm pinion sets – 8, 9, 10T…

      Cheers :good:

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      Thank you Jim! It was a great day of racing!

      Lots of cool cars including a Racer Ferrari 350P CanAm. My first time seeing one race. Sweet!  :good:

      Art. Thank you very kindly for the door prizes.

      At first when I saw the body washers I didn’t take them seriously. Now I’m a believer! My Tudor would not handle like it does without these body washers. The difference is like night and day! If you got any other penny secrets that’ll make a tippy car start winning races even with a bad driver? Please let me know?  :yahoo:


      This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog..... we laughed a lot.
      Even though I may be new at this myself. How can I help you build your car?

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      Thank you guys for a fun day of racing!

      And Thank you Art and Dart Hobbies for the door prizes!

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      RIVERHAMPTON Race Report; September 15, 2018

      The original five racer field was reduced to four due to a last minute food poisoning.  Four classes were run along with a fifth IROC class. The following are the results.

      Racing commenced shortly after the track parade and media interviews of the team principals and drivers.

      parade 1

      Parade 2


      I) Sports Cars          3 x 3 minute heats


      1)  Ken        62 laps       16.989 ext       8.498 fast lap*

      2) Jim         61 laps        15.155 ext        8.642 fast lap*

      3) Art          60 laps       22.981 ext        9.054 fast lap*

      4) Steve      49 laps        12.107 ext

      * fast lap from last heat only

      Congrats to Ken… the rookie who won the race with his scratch built 1949 Ford Tudor!  Great Job!!





      II) Trans AM       3 x 3  minute heats

      sc 1





      III) Classic LeMans               3 x 3 minute heats

      The host team had to switch to its back up car mid way through the second heat due to a guide malfunction which de-slotted the car and caused it to crash under the bridge.  The impact of the crash resulted in the loss of its rear wheel.  Under yellow flag conditions the car was towed to the pit garage, where it was determined that the car had to be retired.  The Porsche 917 long tail was replaced by a Porsche 907L .

      CLM 1





      IV) CanAM             3 x 3 minute heats





      V)  Slot it DTM (IROC)            3 x 3 minute heats


      1)   Jim        74 laps        11.479 ext         7.274 fast lap  *

      2)   Art        73 laps         15.653 ext        7.344 fast lap *

      3)   Ken       64 laps        17.259 ext        7.909 fast lap *

      4)   Steve     59 laps        23.679 ext

      * fast lap on last heat only


      Thanks for a great day of racing guys!















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      Great race report JMSracer! Thanks again for hosting! :good:

      Let's Get Building!

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