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      In researching the Porsche 550 Spyder for a recent build. I stumbled into a very informative site.

      It’s called The home-page is below. Not sure why it doesn’t list the name.


      It has serial numbers with the various changes the cars went through such as colour changes, bumper changes, previous owner names, etc…

      It also lists the races each car entered, and where it placed.

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      Thanks so much for posting this link. Should be very helpful in getting the current 550 somewhat correct!! B-)

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      You’re very welcome MIA.

      If anyone wants a 550 Spyder that fits the Carrera Panamericana? Use that site to make your car, and change the number if the car is already made by someone else. It’s S32 legal. Sometimes you can’t be too fussy. It pays to get your build form in first if you want the main/top/famous livery.

      The D’Art Porsche 550 Spyder is an extensive build. But well worth the time, and comes out really well. It’s based on several prototype cars ranging from serial numbers 8 through 13. Two cooling grills (First Spyders had only one). One-piece rear bonnet, molded tail-lights instead of buttons. The D’Art 550 Spyder has some of the nicest detailing of all the Spyder prototypes. But that’s just my opinion… After building one.


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