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      The following is a suggested parts list for a typical aluminum chassis build.

      3/32 x 3/16 Professor Motor Oilite bushing part# PMTR 1073 (or bearings part# PMTR 1176).

      3/32 Professor Motor axles part# PMTR 1034 (Hardened).

      A variety of different size axle spacers. NSR or Professor Motor brand seem to work well.

      Professor Motor 2x3mm set screws part# PMTR7000 (Hardened hollow point) or Spaenaur part#481-006 in bulk.

      Professor Motor silicone high-flex lead wire# PMTR 1060 (yellow) PMTR 1059 (black) PMTR 1058 (red).

      Slot.It universal screw-in guide part# CH10, or NSR 4845 screw-in guide.

      Slot.It 1mm competition braid part# SP19.

      Slot.It 23T offset crown gears.

      DArt Hobbies 10T pinions.

      DArt Hobbies BWMS050 motors.

      RS Slot Racing wheels UK, or Slot.It wheels.

      DArt tires.

      DArt Hobbies wheel inserts.

      #227 Evergreen styrene tubing for 4-40 body posts.

      4-40 brass inserts for body posts.

      4-40 countersink screws (Phillips preferred).

      2.5mm flat washers.

      DArt Hobbies Urethane body washers.

      5-minute epoxy.

      Note: Substitutions may create fitment or performance issues.

      Links to suppliers for parts: (1,716 pages)

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      • This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by KenKen.

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