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      I sometimes wake up the house by shaking rattle-cans late at night after everyone else has gone to bed. Oops. Towels and/or rags around the can doesn’t seem to help enough.

      I had to recently create/invent a small bucket-spinner for a customer. That got me to thinking about a paint can spinner.

      Ingredients: Scrap wood. A few drywall screws. Old 12VDC power supply. Old crappy slot car chassis. Gear-motor from “Princess Auto” surplus department ($15). And about 45-minutes of serious goofing around. :wacko:

      The chassis was cut apart to use the front axle to balance the drive and give the can 4-points of rotational stability. The tires were removed from the wheels for less rolling resistance. The tires weren’t very round anyways.

      It spins the can about one and a half revolutions per second. Just enough to barely hear the widget rolling around. 20 to 30-minutes of spinning should get the sediment off the base of the can. A few shakes in warm water just before painting should do the rest (hopefully without waking the house).


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      Excellent! This is on my ‘To Do’ list…

      Let's Get Building!

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