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    I was thinking about our last race where we had a guest. That gave me an idea. What if we had a race evening where we invited our none slot car friends to join us for a slow-class only night? Maybe one or two nights a year? Very few newbies want to entertain joining a club where everyone dominates them and whips passed without mercy. I must have clipped Sal’s Lola T70MKIII at least 20-times trying to catch the rest of the field at MVL.

    I have three 67-Cougars I’m debating getting ready for an “IROC Challenge”. They will all have BWNC1’s, D’Art rear tires, and run as slow as molasses runs downhill in winter. I am stea… err borrowing the 18k Scalex motors for other cars anyways. I might as well make use of the emtpy cars. I am hoping to bring them to a few races. These cars would be perfect for a newbie night. It took me several months to figure out that “slow racing = close racing”. Close racing is way more fun!

    Let’s start the debate.

    Is this a good, or bad idea?


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