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      I must apply a manual update to our website but since there is a great chance things may no longer work as they do now (or not at all) I’m leaving it for later this week (November 8th or 9th) when I’ll have extra time to wait on hold for technical support if things go off the rails. Sorry about that.

      BTW, this update should not change anything if it goes according to plan – so you won’t notice anything if it is successful. :unsure:


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      We’ll all keep our fingers crossed. :good:

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      The update was applied plus a few enhancements – I am not aware of any breaks/changes but should anyone notice anything not working or different than yesterday please let me know – the earlier the better just in case I need to restore a prior backup…


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      Hi Art

      I can no longer see this weekends Classic era challenge and club races listed on the calendar and can’t find it using the search function. Is this a problem due to the update , or has the race been cancelled?


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      A personal scheduling conflict arose this Sunday and I can no longer host it – so it must be postponed to a date to be announced. My apologies for any confusion. I took the event off line until I can confirm another date.

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