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      This is a super shells Lotus 25 body married to a simple scratch built brass and piano wire chassis.  The decals applied to this body are from a 1965 Indianapolis Lotus 38.

      chas 1

      This is a 1.5L car, therefore it is set up with a BWA motor, geared 10P x 23.

      chas 2

      I wasn’t satisfied with the first paint, so the body was soaked in super clean overnight, scrubbed clean and remanded, then repainted.

      First paint

      The second attempt.

      new 1

      The completed project.

      comp 1

      Ready to be raced

      comp 2

      comp 3

      Thanks for looking



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      Looks good JMSracer! Is that the transmission piece that comes with the shell or did you modify something? :good:

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      Looks fantastic Jim. Nice work! :good:

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      The transmission comes with the body, it is one piece and must be painted silver.  I have attached a photo of the kit.  In this photo I have painted the body yellow and taped the centre line prior to painting the body green.

      unpainted lotus kit 1

      The photo below highlights the kit as it comes, prior to painting.

      kit 1


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      Excellent detail on the kit as provided JMSRacer! Cheers!

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