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    Looking ahead and given feedback to date we’ll be implementing a few updates to our scratch32 rules (v4) for this summer. These will be:

    • restricting the 1.5L Grand Prix (15LGP) class motor to the BWMS050 ONLY and removing the VANSKI as an option – since they have not been available for many years now – VANSKI motors are still eligible for other low power motor scratch32 classes (unless specifically excluded);
    • adding a pre-CANAM class covering 1960-1965 USRRC & SCCA models – which will be divided into PC and PC+ subclasses; and
    • adding an open Trans Am class (TA+) (1966 – 1973) which will allow period fantasy liveries and have no motor restriction.

    The second update was already tested in our last CANAM Thunder event and the third will be implemented for CANAM Thunder IV…

    Let's Get Building!

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