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     For the rules for this ongoing series click here.

    Make sure to register ALL of your entries for this event by replying to this thread (below). Those who reply will receive a poster and be entered into a draw for the door prize – to be announced later – it may be a DArt body kit, a pair of tires, a BWA or Vanski motor… If you have a new model being presented to the grid for the first time you must also fill in an online model registration form after logging in.

    Make sure to register your models before each event to be eligible to receive a poster and be entered into the door prize. New models must also have a model registration form submitted with their details. This isn’t for me – it is for everyone. It is your way to give back to the hobby. I’ll list your model as ‘unknown’ – I don’t really care since I know how to make any model go fast – but novices building cars which you beat do not – so it is for their benefit. People will look at your models and not see details – they’ll think you have something to hide. Again, I don’t care, but they might. I really stress registering your models too – it makes things much easier for me to set up the race evening. I know I am being selfish with this request but between taking and posting all of the photographs, researching your entries (which you didn’t), donating door prizes and creating the report I think that 5 minutes of your time is not that onerous.
    Please remember to elevate this group beyond what ANY others do – whether at your track or mine – we have events, posters, prizes, we have high quality pictures and a high quality website – all because it matters to US what we are doing – scratch32 IS the summit for perfection in this hobby – please, please, please remember this.

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    ...'Bitter'...the Ferrari from Austria

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    Great poster!! Spectacular car!! B-)

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    I was lucky to stumble across this and wanted to share it with everyone so this was the poster – I am so happy that someone enjoys it!

    ...'Bitter'...the Ferrari from Austria

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    Sportscar (SP)

    Mike Parkes’ 1964 Ferrari 250P (64SP022-1DB)

    SP new entry

    #25 Porsche 550 Coupe – 1956.  Completed at the  1956 24h Le Mans. #25 RS 550 A/4 (#550A-0104).  Driver Wolfgang Von Trips. Finished 1st in class and 5th overall.

    Form submitted but details are:

    Gearing 11/23

    Motor BWNC1

    Mid motor mount

    Weight  89 grams

    Classic Era Sportscar & Prototype (CP)

    Jody SCHECKTER’S 1971 Chevron B19 (71CP006-1DB)

    Hot Rod (HR

    Chris Hughes’ Ford Model T Hotrod (25HR098-1DB)

    CANAM (CA)

    No entry



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    Thank you DB! Got your form submission for your lovely 550 coupe as well. Thank you for registering and for submitting your form too – Cheers!…

    ...'Bitter'...the Ferrari from Austria

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    As previously run:

    68CP103-1MA  #103 1968 Porsche 912 driven by Scalera & Jacarno

    71CP008-1MA #8 1971 Porsche 908/3 driven by Vic Elford & Gerhard Larousse

    54SP008-1MA #8 1954 Jaguar D Type driven by Mike Hawthorne

    50SP410-1MA #410 1950 Ferrari 166/212 ‘Uovo’ driven by Johhny ‘the tailor’ Marzotto

    67CA016-1MA #16 1967 Lola T70 MkII driven by George Follmer

    37HR011-1MA  #11 1937 Chevrolet Convertible “The NCC Special” driven by S M Avita

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    Another great poster!

    CP #90 – N. Tdaro (Porsche 906)

    SP #7 – S. Diaz (Jaguar XK120 – SP)

    HR – #2 – R. Crashiola (’25 Ford Model ‘T’)

    CA no entry

    See you Monday night


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    #10 – Jaguar D-Type – Octave John Claes [55SP010-1AT]

    #261 – Volkswagen 1200 – Alfonso de Hohenlohe [54SP261-1AT]

    SP+ (unlimited motor)

    #132 – Porsche RS61 – Hans Herrmann [61SP132-1AT]

    #58 – Porsche 550 Spyder – Fernando Segura [54SP058-1AT]


    #23 – ’25 Ford Model ‘T’ (‘T’ Bucket) – Red Baron [25HR023-1AT]

    #24 – ’37 Chevrolet Convertible – Jake ‘Beef’ Trapper [37HR024-1AT]


    #21 – Ferrari 330 P4 – Scarfiotti [67CP021-1AT]

    #18 – Porsche 908/2 – Lennep [70CP018-1AT]


    #19 – Ferrari 612 – Chinetti [69CA019-1AT]

    #59 – Porsche 917/10 – Haywood [73CA059-1AT]

    ...'Bitter'...the Ferrari from Austria

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