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      With the possibility of front motor classes in the future. I took the time to figure out how to remove them without damaging the spring. I have a Monogram, and Scalex motor/drive to experiment with.

      I started out with a drop of oil on the end of the spring I wanted to remove. I used a drill to hold the back of the Monogram motor shaft (had to remove the bell because the shaft was cut). Then took light duty, tapered pliers with no teeth. Slipped the pliers onto the motor side of the spring until it locked. I started the drill in reverse and the spring backed off and fell to the work bench in under 2-seconds. It only took 2-fingers of pressure. The drive shaft came off with no damage or distortion to the spring. And no damage to the motor shaft.

      So now I have a long style drive shaft ready for a future build. But I had to throw away the Monogram motor (no great loss).

      Next is the Scalex motor and drive shaft out of the Maserati 250F. It would be nice to save both the drive shaft and new motor for 2-other cars. Luckily the Scalex motor had enough motor shaft for the drill chuck. After a drop of oil and a quick twist of the drill. It too fell to the work bench in a flash. Resistance is futile. ;-)

      I believe the smooth surface of the small hobby pliers helped prevent damage. They did the job perfectly. The right tool for the right job is almost priceless. I now have 2-different lengths of drive shafts for front motor drive, and a new 18k Scalex motor in my parts inventory. :yahoo:

      Thank you very kindly,


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      This is a good tip. Remember to also remove the motor bushings from the discarded motor – since they are better than the nylon bushings for the extended shaft.

      Let's Get Building!

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      Thank goodness garbage day is tomorrow. I just fished the motor out of the garbage for the bushings. Good tip! :good:

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