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      We recently had a workshop where 3-bodies were painted as part of the demonstration. With the Player’s 200 coming up. The RS61 fits in perfectly with the field of cars.

      My livery might be fantasy. But the colour is not.

      Art. Thank you very kindly. It was a lot of fun to build a chassis for this body kit. :yes:

      I still need to complete the body and details. But it’s ready to run so to speak. :good:

      The class is SP+.

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      Looks great so far Ken!

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      Thank you kindly F1nutz. It’s coming along. I wish I had a steady hand for details like leather buckles, etc…

      I happened to take a closer look at Art’s RS61 and noticed a small raised line. It’s a hinge for the side access panels.

      I can’t get away with lead weights anymore when the chassis isn’t wide enough. It’s starting to look more like a brass chassis as time goes on.

      Thanks for looking.


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      Ser Guht meine herren! I may have a small Porsche decal you could apply to the bonnet if you’d like, let me know, I’ll try to unearth…

      Only suggestion to finish off this beauty would be a fine ‘mesh’ in the valance/front grill, Dollar store sieve or similar type screen will yield a lot of pieces.


      Great job, nice details!

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      Thank you very kindly Porsche911. I would really appreciate that decal. It would help complete the car.

      The only reason the car doesn’t have inserts is because I forgot to pick them up last week. Oops. I must have had a “senior moment”. Never too late to fix that.

      Great idea to put something in that space. I have “grill” textured black card-stock from Michael’s craft store. Here it is as suggested. I extended it to the side scoops as well. Thanks for the suggestion Porsche911!

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      Whew!! :yahoo: What no chrome PORSCHE lettering on the stern?? :unsure:

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      I was too chicken to ruin the paint job. More practice on lesser cars first. :wacko:

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      This car is a test platform for a budget motor from Professor Motor (35k slimline inline with 8×29 gears). I tried the car tonight. It’s nothing short of insane! The rear tires spin easily and the car fishtails from the starting line with the throttle pot backed all the way down. Nuts! :yahoo:

      The car makes some funny noises at the top end when skipping across the track like lightning. The gear mesh and backlash are as good as they’re going to get. We’ll see in time. I have a feeling it’s going to wear tires down faster than any other car I own.

      I think I over heard Art say it was “too fast” or something, but I’m almost positive I heard him say “too good”. Selective hearing I guess. :good:

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      Motor spec sheet. This is too much car for me for 24-minutes the first night out. It will debut at der Internationale Meisterschaft on Oct 21.

      I guess Professor Motor had a problem with printing a lower case letter “L” on the spec sheet. Motor rotates “cockwise”. Thanks for “ooking”. :yahoo:

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      With inserts. I like how the car turned out. It needs a yellow stripe or something on the front to complete the look. It will also help to differentiate the front from the back of the car.

      Driver’s name is: Helmut Blaupunkt (Bluepoint)

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