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      Most if not all Matra’s were blue. This Matra found a can of Tamiya “camel yellow” and got friendly with it.

      The engine detail is Tamiya “semi-gloss black”. The components at the rear have been painted with Tamiya “gloss aluminum”. I still need to detail the interior, driver, engine and transmission parts.

      The body components snap into place nicely.

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      There is not as much room as I first thought under this body. But still enough to complete the task at hand.

      The rear bearing supports have been cut to a minimum to fit between the body and transmission.

      It took some trimming. But the bare chassis sits below the body. That’s low enough for me.

      This chassis required a much more precise fit to the body.

      The crown gear will be the limiting factor to the overall body height. It needs to move freely with body-float.

      I have gone an entire race without any de-slots. After 3-off’s in 3-minutes last Monday. I’m not quite ready for a single post body mount yet. I need the car to withstand punishment. It’s very fortunate that the rear body post will dissappear inside the back of the transmission on this car.


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      I’m trying to be accurate in figuring out the ratio of the front wheel track width vs the rear. I stumbled across this site:

      Pictures aren’t helping. But this view of the car really helps. They have a lot of cars on file. Check out the site.

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      Bearings, axles, wheels, and motor are installed.

      The rear body support needed to be trimmed to keep the body low and still fit the crown gear. It’s amazing the dust you don’t see with the naked eye or I would have dusted the car off before the photo.

      The body is sitting on the motor at the back, and sitting on bearings at the front at this point. The body can’t get lower than this. The supports will be trimmed to the exact same point. Then a stainless steel and urethane washer on both body posts provide the perfect, minimum clearance. It took me several builds to figure this out. The rear body post fits into a small pocket in the transmission. Or, I might eliminate the rear post altogether and go with just one. I’ll cross that bridge later. Body detailing is next.

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      AvatarLuis Meza

      That is a beautiful looking build Ken, very low too,My respects

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      Thank you Luis.

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