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      My enthusiasm to build this kit was off the charts. The real Lotus 30 was a terrible car with respect to handling. This is an opportunity to hopefully make it better on a much smaller scale. The real car had chassis flex issues. This chassis does not have those same problems.

      I had to shorten the top of the front bearing supports because the body sits very low. You can see the 180 grit sanding marks on the inside of the chassis so the epoxy will adhere to the aluminum and motor a bit better.

      The chassis started out as an inline S-can. That was a huge mistake on such a low car. I should have planned it out better. I hope I never make that mistake again.

      I had to make a big hole in the body to fit the motor. The colour is Tamiya “Candy Lime Green”.

      Upon assembling the body to the chassis I realized this was indeed a huge mistake. My lack of experience is getting the better of me. Time to take it apart and try something else. I was thinking that I may have already ruined the body. :negative:

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      F1nuts suggested replacing the BWNC1 with an 050 since I had nothing to lose at this point. I had to add a brass spacer under the motor to line up the pinion with the crown. The brass under the chassis is just for weight.

      I installed the tonneau cover. That helped to hide the damage of the big hole on one side. I’m thankful the kit came with it as an option.

      I had to get creative with the driver and dremmel.

      In the end we have full body float and nothing touches. The driver has an interesting arm-rest.

      The car will not easily tip over. It will slide out before tipping. It looks like the front tire has body-rub but it doesn’t. You can slide a piece of paper in between at thier closest point.

      The stripe is Tamiya metallic green.

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      Mr. Snodgrass was complaining that the open headers under the car with a Ford 351 V-8 were a bit too loud. So we sent the car to the shop and installed exhaust extensions. Much better now.

      I like the exhaust that came with kit as seen on Art’s and JMSracer’s cars. But I can see myself breaking it off at some point. I don’t think I have the driving experience to own delicate cars yet. I’ll eventually get there.

      The D’Art Lotus 30 was a fun car to build… after I fixed my mistakes. :good:

      Thank you very kindly for looking.


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      Very nice recovery from your initial foible, car looks great, and I bet it goes like stink. Exhaust tips finish it very nicely, job well done!

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      Thank you for your kind words Porsche911.

      Unfortunately, both the other Lotus 30’s pull away from this car in the straights. They are both powered by a BWNC1. I should try and keep the BWMS050 motors exclusively for Hot Rod and early GP cars.

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      Looks great Ken!

      My #4 is an inline Vanski and faster than my BWNC1 sidewinder #11 – go figure… must be the lubricant… that’s just how it is sometimes.

      Let's Get Building!

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