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    Gentlemen, it is time once again for the fourth edition of our Classic Era Challenge Cup (1966 – 1971) this Saturday, October 27, 2018 @ Molto VeLoce (MVL). The rules remain the same. Mandatory orange dot DArt club urethane tires on the rear wheels AND hard plastic body that raced in a period endurance race with any period fantasy livery ARE REQUIRED. The rest is up to you… any material… RTR or scratch…

    Simple Rules & Guidelines
    v1.0 – January, 2018

    1)      Open to any Prototype (P) or Sportscar (S), regardless of displacement, that competed between 1966 and 1971 in any endurance race which was part of the World Sportscar Championship or International Championship sanctioned by the FIA. By endurance race we mean a race lasting many hours (ie. 24, 12, 6) or over a large distance (ie. 1000k). Headlights are not a requirement (if the model raced did not have them) nor must headlights be functional.
    2)      Bodies must be hard plastic/resin with period appropriate (actual or fantasy) livery. No two entries may have the same race number. Race numbers will be reserved or assigned (see below).
    3)      Interiors may be made from any material. There is no minimum level of detail required by either a body or interior but attention to detail will always be appreciated.
    4)      Rear tires must be marked Darts for this event/series and will be available in the following sizes: D11, SI0201 (or NC0102) and NC0101.
    5)      This event is open to any adult with an eligible model and controller.
    6)      Any model that compromises the track for others in any way will not be permitted or will be removed from the track.

    Reserving Your Race Number & Purchasing Marked DArts
    One (1) number may be reserved or will be assigned (absent a request) for each pair of marked DArt tires purchased up to a maximum of 3 per participant regardless of how many pair of marked DArts are purchased by anyone. Numbers will be reserved or confirmed upon receipt of payment (pickup may be on a later date or even at the event). The deadline to purchase your DArts (or reserve your racing number(s)) will be midnight the day prior to the event. Multiple models may qualify but only the top entry for each participant will advance. NO loaners or substitutions after qualifying has begun and all models will be impounded from that point on.

    Contact me to order/purchase your marked DArt tires by email:

    All models must either qualify or advance through elimination heats to make it to the A main for a chance to win or place in this event/series. Starting position will be assigned by random draw and all participants will have an opportunity to qualify for or advance all the way to the A main. Since this is FREE there will be no guaranteed minimum number of minutes raced. The number of participants will dictate the exact format chosen.

    So, you may qualify up to three models but must choose one to race. Remember to use your assigned numbers for those models you wish to qualify.

    Timed practice will start at 10:00am… followed by qualifying and then the race.

    Here is our list of registered numbers:

    Race Number Owner/Participant
    1 Felix
    2 Porsche911
    3 Felix
    4 Jimbo
    5 Chubbyvette
    6 Porsche911
    7 JMSracer
    8 Chubbyvette
    9 KensRedZed
    11 MiA
    14 JMSracer
    15 Joe
    16 Felix
    18 MiA
    20 ArT
    21 ArT
    22 ArT
    30 JMSracer
    33 Chubbyvette
    34 MiA
    35 f1nutz
    37 KensRedZed
    38 Sal
    40 Porsche911
    51 KensRedZed
    56 racer68
    68 racer68
    69 racer68
    74 Joe
    90 Jimbo
    91 f1nutz
    92 Joe

    To register:

    Classic Era Challenge IV - October 27, 2018 @ Molto VeLoce


    The 4th Classic Era Sportscar & Prototype Challenge (1966-1971) is scheduled to return to Molto VeLoce this Saturday morning - October 27, 2018 @ 10am. Register by October 27, 2018 by adding your name to the list below. Only those registered will be entered. If you need your mandatory orange dot tires or to receive/reserve your racing numbers for this series please email me directly at .

    Registration opens at 23-10-2018 01:44

    Registration closes at 27-10-2018 07:00

    Registered Users:

    1. artdart
    2. racer68
    3. Joe
    4. KensRedZed

    Registration is currently closed.

    If you have any questions please ask within this thread… Good Luck! :good:

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    Your numbers 56 & 68 reserved!   :yahoo:

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    I’ll bring a few door prizes – stay tuned!!!

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    Shoot I forgot about the Red Dot tires I have a set of NC0101 mounted that I picked up at the Carrera Panamerica race. :unsure:


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    Hi Joe, you aren’t the only one who has been thwarted by the marked tire requirement. :scratch:  Make sure to bring all of your eligible models with you Saturday morning and we’ll sort it out then…

    There are several reasons why we started the Challenge Cup Series with a marked tire:

    1. It came to my attention that some would grumble that R32 had too many rules which was a turn-off for them akin to kryptonite;
    2. It was obvious that there are others in other groups who simply will not follow rules and who will try to get away with whatever they believe they can. I don’t refer to inadvertence, oversight or rookie mistakes – I refer specifically to some who are experienced and who intentionally do it. I saw this happen not long ago regarding tires and I was told about an incident regarding motors in a ‘stock’ motor class just a week ago – both SOS32 events.
    3. A nearly ‘open’ class of cars would satisfy two groups of racers – those who just want to go fast with a RTR car and those who enjoy scratch building fast cars – and encourage both groups to race together.

    The goal was to encourage anyone who thinks they are fast to join in with the rest of us at a neutral location – Molto VeLoce – to give anyone a chance to demonstrate how fast, how good a builder and/or how good a tuner they each are relative to anyone else. Some have taken up the challenge, many have not. Now that the series has had three races it is clear that many have no interest in doing so. You can lead a horse to water…

    Apart from model eligibility the marked tire is the only other rule – and really I think a perfect solution to the age old problem of making sure everyone is racing on the same compound/tire – not for those of us in groups that use the same tire as matter of course – but for anyone else – and those who jump from tire to tire depending on where they are racing.

    Unfortunately those who are racing in this series are not the ones which prompted the inclusion of a marked tire. It is really a nuisance for those of us racing in groups where we use just the one tire or for those of us who are careful always to use the correct/mandated tire depending on where we are racing. If no others wish to join in on this series then perhaps this requirement should be dropped in the future. Food for thought. But I think it would be premature to give up on this experiment just yet.

    Make sure to bring all of your eligible models with you, including any which don’t have orange dot tires, and we’ll sort it all out Saturday morning…

    I’ll be dropping by MVL on Friday to clean the track and make sure everything is in order prior to Saturday’s race. If anyone wants to help out or join me for an hour or two please email me – otherwise I’ll see you all Saturday morning! :yahoo:

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    I’m racing for 3-reasons. To be with friends, have fun, and race at a really cool track. I’ve measured my basement for a track like MVL. Won’t fit.

    I don’t mind coming in last, so long as I have the most fun. Most times it’s mission accomplished!

    See everyone tomorrow!


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    As the clock winds down to our Challenge Cup tomorrow at Molto VeLoce I am pleased to advise that the track is clean and in fantastic working order – all systems tested… Turn 5 – an infamous corner for spills & chills… …only to be followed by Turn 6…

    Up to the challenge? :wacko:

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    Sal will be joining us tomorrow – his number will be 38…

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    The DArt door prize for tomorrow will be an Eclektrix GP Series Quick Body Kit – Shadow DN1 – valued at $25 – Good Luck!!!

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    Classic Era Challenge Cup IV

    Saturday, October 27, 2018 – Molto VeLoce (MVL)

    By 10:45am the field was ready – after free practice:

    Qualifying Result (12 Laps – 2 Warmup + 10 Timed, Average Time Over 10 Laps):

    1. #30 – JMs – 6.626 sec.;
    2. #7 – JMs – 6.744; *
    3. #14 – JMs – 6.839;
    4. #20 – ArT – 6.892; *
    5. #92 – Joe – 7.394; *
    6. #68 – Steve – 7.704;
    7. #9 – Ken – 7.744; **
    8. #51 – Ken – 7.782; *
    9. #56 – Steve – 7.890; *
    10. #38 – Sal – 8.944. *

    *Primary, **Backup

    Race Result (240 seconds x 4 lanes x 3 rotations = 48 minutes):

    After 1/3 Distance:

    1. #7 – JMs – 144 Laps;
    2. #20 – ArT – 141;
    3. #92 – Joe – 129;
    4. #51 – Ken – 124;
    5. #56 – Steve – 122;
    6. #38 – Sal – 104.

    After 2/3 Distance:

    1. #7 – JMs – 287 Laps;
    2. #20 – ArT – 282;
    3. #92 – Joe – 256;
    4. #51 – Ken – 255;
    5. #56 – Steve – 243;
    6. #38 – Sal – 209.

    Full Distance:

    1. #7 – JMs – 431 Laps (36.038 ext.) [6.539 seconds – fastest lap];
    2. #20 – ArT – 422 (43.994) [6.632];
    3. #92 – Joe – 388 (39.520) [7.045];
    4. #51 – Ken – 388 (59.432) [6.929];
    5. #56 – Steve – 367 (47.751) [7.039];
    6. #38 – Sal – 317 (41.355) [8.081].

    JMs held the lead from the first lap onwards – controlling the race from the front and building a comfortable cushion. ArT chased but without a mechanical gremlin ahead was forced to settle for second. It came down to the last heat to decide third place – with Ken clawing back time, but falling just short. Joe bent but never cracked. Steve increased his pace and made up time as he gained his rhythm. Sal put in a valiant effort in his Lola despite being down a cylinder for the entire race. Congratulations to JMs for a superb victory! He earned the Chickon-eh trophy with a splendid drive – definitely the ‘top cock’ today.  Ford would take the top 2 spots, sharing the podium with a Porsche 908… Cheers to the field for surviving this grueling endurance format and to both Joe and Ken who not only debuted new scratch built models –  but battled right to the end to make the last heat as exciting as the first… Well done to everyone!!!

    And Congratulations to JMs who guessed lucky number 8 to walk away with the door prize – a DArt Eclektrix GP Series Shadow DN1 Quick Body Kit…

    …and thank you to our gracious host Doug at MVL for allowing us to play on his giant layout again! :good:


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    Ken graciously donated a 10 pack of M2 set screws (something everyone needs) which he will offer as a door prize at our next event – stay tuned!!! :good:

    I’m not sure how many other groups have the opportunity to race on a large track in an exotic car dealership free of charge with a chance to win a valuable door prize… but there can’t be many… :good:   :yes:

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    It was a fun day and a good bunch of guys!

    Thank you very kindly Art for the opportunity to win that cool door prize. Well done JMs!

    I need to salute Sal for the courage to share the day with a bunch of speed monsters! I remember that exact same feeling last March. I hope you return.


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