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      After some head scratching, a few postponements and a venue change it is finally time to get the ball rolling for Round III. Due to the season a smaller turnout is expected which means that those who do attend will get much more racing in… so in the famous words of Whitesnake – ‘Here we go again’:Over the next few days I’ll post the # list we have so far along with event details. The rules are pretty simple – any model with a hard body/shell that competed in an endurance race during this period whether RTR, ‘unobtainium’, made by NASA or pulled from thin air with DArt ‘Orange Dot’ club urethane tires. Should anyone need orange dot tires please let me know. If you do not yet have your racing #s or if you have any other questions this is the topic to reply to.

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      As promised here is our reserved racing #’s list for our Classic Era Challenge Cup series. Please consult this list when preparing your entries. Any number not yet claimed may be requested up to a maximum of three. If you already have three then you will need to let me know which number you wish to release before the new number can be added.

      Race Number Owner/Participant
      1 Felix
      2 Porsche911
      3 Felix
      4 Jimbo
      5 Chubbyvette
      6 Porsche911
      7 JMSracer
      8 Chubbyvette
      9 KensRedZed
      11 MiA
      14 JMSracer
      15 Joe
      16 Felix
      18 MiA
      20 ArT
      21 ArT
      22 ArT
      30 JMSracer
      33 Chubbyvette
      34 MiA
      35 f1nutz
      37 KensRedZed
      38 Sal
      40 Porsche911
      51 KensRedZed
      56 racer68
      68 racer68
      69 racer68
      74 Joe
      90 Jimbo
      91 f1nutz
      92 Joe

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      Classic Era Challenge III - August 10, 2018 @ The Ring


      The 3rd Classic Era Sportscar & Prototype Challenge (1966-1971) is rescheduled and now returns to The Ring Friday evening, August 10, 2018 @ 19h. Register by August 10 by adding your name to the list below. Only those registered will be entered. If you need your mandatory orange dot tires or to receive/reserve your racing numbers for this series please email me:

      Registration opens at 25-04-2018 09:44

      Registration closes at 10-08-2018 19:00

      Max Participants: 9

      Registered Users:

      1. artdart
      2. KensRedZed
      3. Felix
      4. Porsche911
      5. MiA

      Registration is currently closed.

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      Classic Era
      Prototype & Sportscar
      1:32 Challenge Cup

      Simple Rules & Guidelines
      v1.0 – January, 2018

      1)      Open to any Prototype (P) or Sportscar (S), regardless of displacement, that competed between 1966 and 1971 in any endurance race which was part of the World Sportscar Championship or International Championship sanctioned by the FIA. By endurance race we mean a race lasting many hours (ie. 24, 12, 6) or over a large distance (ie. 1000k). Headlights are not a requirement (if the model raced did not have them) nor must headlights be functional.
      2)      Bodies must be hard plastic/resin with period appropriate (actual or fantasy) livery. No two entries may have the same race number. Race numbers will be reserved or assigned.
      3)      Interiors may be made from any material. There is no minimum level of detail required by either a body or interior but attention to detail will always be appreciated.
      4)      Rear tires must be Orange Dot DArts for this event/series and will be available in the following sizes: D11, SI0201 (or NC0102) and NC0101.
      5)      This event is open to any adult with an eligible model and controller.
      6)      Any model that compromises the track for others in any way will not be permitted or will be removed from the track.

      Reserving Your Race Number & Purchasing Marked DArts
      One (1) number may be reserved or will be assigned (absent a request) for each pair of marked DArt tires purchased up to a maximum of 3 per participant regardless of how many pair of marked DArts are purchased by anyone. Numbers will be reserved or confirmed upon receipt of payment (pickup may be on a later date or even at the event). The deadline to purchase your DArts (or reserve your racing number(s)) will be midnight the day prior to the event. Multiple models may qualify but only the top entry for each participant will advance. NO loaners or substitutions after qualifying has begun and all models will be impounded from that point on.

      Contact me to order/purchase your marked DArt tires by email:

      All models must qualify and advance through elimination heats to make it to the A main for a chance to win or place in this event/series. Qualifying order will be assigned by random draw. Since this is FREE there will be no guaranteed minimum number of minutes raced. The number of participants will dictate the exact format.

      • Participant – pilot/racer/driver
      • Entry – model/car/slot car


      Random Chip Draw: Participants pick a numbered chip for each Entry (up to 3 maximum) to determine qualifying order of each Entry (there may be 7 Participants & 21 Entries);

      Qualifying Order: Ascending from #1… THEN  #2 followed by #1 (Participants qualify every Entry) (ie. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2, 1). #1 and #2 get a second chance to improve their avg. lap time;

      Qualifying: Entries each qualify over 12 laps (2 warmup and 10 hot laps). An Entries’ average lap time over 10 hot laps determines qualifying position. Marshals will be present and marshal Entries in real time;

      For Participants with more than one Entry – Participant must choose one Entry to advance to the race – Entry chosen need not be the fastest but will be seeded based on that Entry’s qualifying position.


      Seeding based on qualifying result;

      Number of Participants/Entries will determine exact format (number & length of heats).

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      Racing numbers 1, 3 and 16 are now reserved and our list updated. Good luck to all participants! :yahoo:

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      As the Challenge Cup approaches I can’t wait to see what models will be presented to qualify…!!! :yahoo:

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      Classic Era Challenge Cup III
      Plastic is Fantastic!

      Twelve entries presented by six participants attempted to qualify for the 3rd running of the Classic Era Challenge Cup held at The Ring. The qualifying field consisted of models from Lola (2), Ford (4), Porsche (4) & Ferrari (2). Random draw determined qualifying order. A 10 lap ‘Indy’ style average lap result (with 2 warm up laps) determined qualifying position… …that was just the start of this endurance event. Only six of these entries would qualify for the endurance challenge – one from each participant.

      Qualifying Result (10 Laps):

      1. JMs#30 – 5.881 seconds (average);
      2. JMs#14 – 6.032;
      3. DwM#6 – 6.105;
      4. ArT#21 – 6.155;
      5. ArT#20 – 6.171*;
      6. DwM#2 – 6.207*;
      7. DwM#40 – 6.341;
      8. JMs#7 – 6.442*;
      9. MiA#11 – 6.592*;
      10. KeM#9 – 6.799*;
      11. MiA#18 – 6.947;
      12. FUn#3 – 7.813*.

      Race for the Finals Result (5 min. x 3 = 15 min.):

      Half of the participants elected not to race their fastest qualified entries – each for a different reason. The top three finishers in this race would qualify for the ‘A’ Final and the next three finishers would qualify for the ‘B’ Final. Custom rotation ensured that everyone raced with every other participant at least once in these six heats. The pace was far from pedestrian as everyone jockeyed for position ‘elbows out’ and a chance to make the Finals. The top three shared heat victories equally with 2 each – and finished within a lap of one another. The whole field found speed towards the end with KeM  making the most dramatic climb in heat totals to come within just 4 laps of MiA while FUn improved his results by a lap each heat despite a front tire puncture. To say the racing was close would be an understatement.

      1. ArT#20 – 148 Laps (12.236 ext.);
      2. JMs#7 – 147 (8.010);
      3. DwM#2 – 147 (9.620);
      4. MiA#11 – 136 (9.644);
      5. KeM#9 – 132 (13.539);
      6. FUn#3 – 111 (24.761).

      ‘B’ Final Result (5 min. x 6 = 30 min.):

      A coming together at the narrows found MiA in the weeds suffering a momentary drivetrain issue but using some chewing gum and a few spare pieces of lint disaster would be averted. By the half way point KeM was on the attack and gaining but a few trips to the marbles saw has charge slip away. FUn struggled with a vibration but would turn his fastest laps of the event towards the end to finish strong.

      1. MiA#11 – 265 Laps (30.492 ext.);
      2. KeM#9 – 257 (17.480);
      3. FUn#3 – 227 (24.831).

      ‘A’ Final Result (5 min. x 6 = 30 min.):

      In the first heat all would go into the narrows each thinking they were in the lead and only one would emerge – taking an early but short lived lead. Despite wheelies JMs would quickly pass to regain top spot and win every heat thereafter. While down on power DwM soldiered on to reach into the low 5.9s but the race wasn’t over just yet. ArT would finish a clean race with a dirty car having thrown everything at the leader but the kitchen sink – eventually to finish a lap behind the winner. JMs would not falter – maintaining his blazingly fast yet steady pace to earn a well deserved victory – and be crowned ‘Top Cock’ and recipient of the prestigious and world famous ‘Chickone-eh’ trophy.

      1. JMs#7 – 305 Laps (14.948 ext.);
      2. ArT#20 – 304 (22.104);
      3. DwM#2 – 297 (24.972).

      The all plastic RTR field guaranteed that for the first time in this series a RTR model would take the checkers – has the tide turned or is this just a blip? You’ll need to attend the next Challenge Cup this fall to find out if plastic is truly fantastic

      Well done JMs! Cheers to every participant who survived the enduro – especially MiA!

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      Thanks for hosting another excellent (& long) evening of racing.  A real endurance event!! Some very good racing in both groups!! :yahoo:

      Congratulations to JMs on winning ‘Le Coq D’Or’!  B-) Easily the best result for a P68 ever!! :wacko: Alan Mann is very happy!

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      Cheers MiA!

      Door prize from last night goes to KeM :good:  – you’ve won  :yahoo: a painted and weathered complete set of four Chaparral .450″ inserts courtesy DArt.

      Also – a hearty thank you to KeM for bringing the chocolate that kept everyone’s sugar levels up… and to DwM for bringing those snips of fabric to share with everyone :-) :good: – Cheers!

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      Thanks a million for the venue! It was a fun evening!

      Also. Thank you very kindly for the door prize! Looking forward to a Chaparral build in the near future.


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      Thanks Art for hosting, nice to get the trigger finger going again, been a while…And though James Coburn was great with a knife in a gunfight, a 21.K is no match for a 25 on the Ring…Need to catch me a Shark! ;-)

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      Thanks for hosting Art!

      Lots of fun with this fast class and some very close heats that required total focus and no time to rest.  The long heats added more complexity…my trigger finger is just beginning to recover.

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