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    I recently had a bandsaw blade explode and got lucky it didn’t catch my hand in the process. I went to the usual industrial suppliers for a 93.5″ inch by 1/8th scrolling bandsaw blade and found nothing in stock anywhere (Usually $16.00). I stumbled across a guy that makes blades to suit for $29.00 = Barry at M&L Sharpening Ltd 1550 Bayly Street, Unit 22, in Pickering. When Barry told me that he uses Starret blade stock, I actually got excited. It took Barry 10-minutes to make two blades while I waited. I now have a blade that cuts through thick aluminum as if it wasn’t there. The weld is so straight, you can’t see it pass when the power is on.

    I won’t buy cheap blades anymore. I like my hands too much.


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    Chuck Norris wears sunglasses to protect the sun from his glare!

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