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      I have surplus supplies from building RC planes. There are sheets of self-adhesive decal material for RC aircraft that measure 5″inches x 36″ inches that come in every colour.

      Some helmets don’t come with a pronounced goggle strap. My hand isn’t steady enough for paint. I use a paper shear to cut a thin strip of black decal material.

      I cut a small piece. Then peel and stick one end to the goggles, wrap around past the other side. Then take a razor to cut the excess. These goggle straps were added after the cars were finished. An oversight made in haste from the builder. But an easy way was found to resolve the problem.

      It also has a 3D effect over a painted strap.

      Using another colour to make stripes also works. Just know that if you place the decal in the wrong spot. The adhesive is very agressive in that it will lift the paint under it almost every time. Make sure to set it down right the first time. It was easy to stick the decal on the rear wing and trim the excess after it was in place. The nose stripes were a bit harder because they had to be cut to length prior to installation.

      Thanks for looking

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