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      I have a blue Z28 Camaro for stock TA class. There are several of the exact same colour and number.

      It was time to create Ken’s red zed.

      It took 2-coats of paint over 2-days to cover the dark blue. I could not avoid orange-peel on the roof. More paint would have created runs and the rest of the car was too nice to ruin. I’ll try buffing the roof.

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      I noticed something missing at the back of the car. This is an all red car with red tail lights that blend in a bit too much. I searched googled images for a 1970 Z28. Every Camaro tail light of that era has a chrome bezel. The inside lamp has the reverse light with another smaller chrome bezel. The challenge was to keep it clean and not allow the Molotow pen to run or bleed into the entire lamp.

      Then I tried using the Molotow pen upside down and it worked great!

      The paint needs to cure a bit longer before I give it a number. Then black out the head lights, chrome the door handles, and it’s race-ready again. It might not win. But it will look nice. At least to me.

      I finally have my red zed.

      A year ago I thought anyone that painted a store bought car is crazy. Who knew? :wacko:

      Thanks for looking.


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      Looks great Ken!

      Did you strip or sand the original paint and or decals first or just paint over top?

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      Thank you kindly F1nutz.

      I stripped the decals with Super-Clean. Which ended up also removing the clear-coat. I sanded the body before paint.

      I would guess that the decals might leave an outline if not removed.

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      Looking good!! :yahoo:

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      Thank you MIA.

      Also. Thank you for reminding me that I need to number this car for tonight. I got away with a street-car for the last race.

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