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    • Workshop Academy
      Helpful shared learning sessions involving all aspects of scratch building and the hobby generally. Individual session details along with any relevant information can be found under that session's topic.
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    • Modified Models
      Not scratch built but not stock either - show your changes and modifications to your models. Perfect for several R32 classes. Make sure to give us every detail of the parts you've added or changed. It will be assumed that modifications adhere to R32 class rules unless stated otherwise.
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    • Scratch32 Model Entry Event Register
      Register your Scratch32 Models/Liveries/Numbers prior to each event by listing them here. Please include historical photographs and race details for every entry. Multiple entries are encouraged. Please list your entries by REPLYING within the appropriate TOPIC. Follow the shortcut 'Register Now' button on the event banner/slider or look within the specific event sub-forum (ie. Ringwood XX). Please do not list or post your MODELS directly to the general event type (ie. 'Ringwood') sub-forum...
      • CANAM Thunder
        Register your Eligible CANAM Thunder Models prior to every event here.
      • Coppa D’oro
        Register your Pre World War II (1900-1939) Road, Rally, Endurance & Grand Prix models here.
      • Internationale Meisterschafte
        Register your Eligible Internationale Meisterschafte Models prior to every event here.
      • La Carrera Panamericana (1950 – 1954)
        Register your Eligible Models here prior to every Carrera Panamericana event.
      • Player’s 200
        Register your 1960 through 1965 eligible SCCA or USRRC models.
      • Ringwood
        Register your Eligible Open Wheel Models for every Ringwood event here.
      • Targa Florio
        Register your Eligible Models prior to every Targa Florio event here.
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    • R32
      R32 Information, Schedule & Race Results. Make sure to log in and register your attendance.
      • R32 Rules Q’s & FAQ’s
        Where did they come from? What is the reason for them? How do I follow them? Historically R32 rules are an evolution of rules spanning well more than a decade. Prior changes were made by democratic vote which did not work well. Now R32 rules are modified on general consensus by those that regularly attend and participate - a much more satisfactory process.
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