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Targa Florio X

September 22, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Targa Florio X

International Championship for Makes

As always this event will have overlap with Scratch32 SP, CP & 3LM classes but will target models that participated in 1970. Models from earlier or later years ARE permitted – but in order to keep our field representative of the era our builders are asked to use very conservative discretion when canvassing potential models 3 or 4 years removed. The point of this exercise is to maintain a period grid while encouraging the building of a diverse group of models.

To help ensure this we will implement the following:

  1. For builders with a single entry that entry must have participated within 1 year of the target year of 1970 (so 1969 through 1971).
  2. For builders with 2 entries at least one entry must have participated in 1970.
  3. For builders with 3 or more entries one must have participated in 1970 and at least one other within 1 year of the target year of 1970 (so 1969 through 1971).
  4. In no case may an entry exceed the target year by more than the number of models that builder enters (so if you wish to enter a 1966 model you must enter at minimum 4 participant models which MUST meet the criteria in 3).
  5. Models which participated in any past Targa event are automatically eligible in any future event – but they cannot be used to qualify ‘new’ models unless they also meet the eligibility requirements above.

Participants will include models that finished, started, practiced or were at minimum registered to race for the Targa Florio. The purpose in opening up the definition of ‘participant’ in this manner is to accommodate as many models as one might have an opportunity to scratch build – NOT to accommodate ready to run bodies or models that are easy to obtain.

No ‘master list’ of eligible models or entries will be provided since it is easy enough to find much of this information freely on the internet. Do some research first and then ask if you have questions. It is expected that you share with the group some of the history of the models that you build and present.

Models in any ‘class’ that raced in those years are eligible. Combining years surrounding 1970 there are at least 14 classes of eligible entries: five ‘P’, five ‘S’ and four ‘GT’. Several classes have a motor restriction. Consult the Targa Rules for further detail. Click here for the current Targa Rules.

Models must be modified or be representative in look to the entry upon which they purport to be based. Just how far one goes to achieve this is not for anyone else to decide – your own pride and building ability should be your guide. That being said, there will be a minimum threshold that every model is expected to meet otherwise the purpose of this event will be lost. Fantasy liveries ARE NOT permitted. Actual racing numbers are to be used although alternative numbers in the same font/style may be substituted if one wishes. Consult prior Targa events and/or the Scratch32 Model Database to review which liveries have already been used – but remember there is no ownership of any livery. Duplicate liveries ARE permitted. Make sure to list your models within the specific registration topic – now available. Please also complete our online Scratch32 Model Entry Form for all NEW models or models that have been CHANGED.


  • Eligible models – any Targa Florio participant between 1969 through 1971 OR in near years (see 1 – 5 above), including Finishers, Starters, those that Practiced OR those Entered/Registered regardless of class;
  • Actual liveries ONLY but number may be changed provided same font/type used;
  • Motor Restrictions – Class of entry determines the fastest motor that may be used for every model as defined in the Targa Rules;
  • Chassis or body must be scratch built – painted ‘white kits’ are insufficient; and
  • All General Rules for Scratch32 apply.


For Targa Florio X builders who are ‘regular participants’ may register up to a maximum of 6 models – all others a maximum of 4 models. ‘Regular participants‘ are those who participated in the previous Scratch32 scheduled event, whether by entering and racing their models or by marshaling if they had no eligible models. Events do not include practice sessions, workshop academies or R32 races.

Deadline to register your eligible models is September 21, 2020 – 7pm. Please make sure to register no more than six eligible models within the event thread (follow the event poster which is usually posted 10 days prior) and if your model is not yet in our database please submit the online model registration form. Details, links and photographs are strongly encouraged! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO IDENTIFY THE CLASS ENTERED for every model.

Due to covid19 the following conditions will apply for this event:

  • No more than eight participants;
  • Masks must be worn at all times while indoors;
  • All participants must remain on the lower (track level) only;
  • There will be no pizza or snacks provided just bottled water/pop so please eat before you arrive;
  • Only H2O or tap water may be used to clean your tires – no saliva. Please bring your own sanding block or tire cleaning system/sponge if you choose to use such.

Please make sure to register all of your models, returning or NEW, in the event registration thread which will appear approximately 10 days prior to the event… if you register more models than you are eligible to register then all models registered after your eligible models will be ignored.

Good Luck!


September 22, 2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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The Ring
Mississauga, Ontario Canada



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