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Coppa D’oro VII

April 26 @ 10:00 am - April 30 @ 5:00 pm

Coppa D’oro VII

Proxy @ The RING

April 26 – 30, 2021

A favourite – this Scratch32 event returns by proxy in 2021! Make sure to enter your eligible scratch built models from the Golden Era of Motorsport in this proxy event!

The proxy grid will be divided into two groups but all will race together:

  • PGP; and
  • PGP+.

To be eligible all models must meet the following scratch32 criteria:

PGP1. Eligible Models: Any model that competed in a state or club sanctioned road, rally or endurance race or Grand Prix anywhere in the world before 1939. Later models with low streamlined bodies will comprise the PGP+ sub-class with no minimum clearance;

PGP2. BWMS050 ‘low power’ motor in an inline configuration;

PGP3. Wheels – must not exceed 16.5mm in diameter x 5.5mm in width. Inserts or wheel detail must be period correct and resemble original car;

PGP4. Maximum Overall Tire Diameter – Front and rear tires must not exceed 23mm in diameter. Rear tires must be DArt club urethane tires;

PGP5. Minimum Clearance:

  • PGP But for the guide/guide sleeve/tube, wheels/tires & crown gear no part of the chassis, chassis components or body may be less than 5mm above the surface of the track; or
  • PGP+ There is no minimum clearance requirement but for G19 (see the Scratch32 rules & guidelines);

PGP6. Maximum Width/Track – The width of front and rear rolling assemblies may not exceed

  • PGP 54mm; or
  • PGP+ 50.8mm;

in width excluding fenders, inserts, nuts or knock offs which may extend beyond – within reason.

The universal ‘Lego’ height gauge will be used to measure minimum clearance (PGP) and a caliper will be used to measure maximum allowable widths. Models failing either will still participate but within their own new class and will not be eligible for prizes.

But for reality there is no ownership of any livery therefore duplicate models are permitted.

Anyone can enter – please register as many models as you wish in both classes – there is no limit.

In April please register your eligible proxy models and if your model is not yet in our database please submit the online model registration form. Details, links and photographs are strongly encouraged when you register!

There is no entry fee. DEADLINE is 6pm Thursday April 22, 2021

Deadline to register and to receive your eligible proxy models is 6pm Thursday, April 22, 2021. Proxy models may be dropped off on the front porch or mailed to The RING. Please email me at art@darthobbies.com with drop off details, necessary mailing address info or any other questions.

Proxy models and house models will compete together on track but official results for both groups will remain separate. Should there be overwhelming proxy participation then house models will be withdrawn.

For this event grid position will be based on qualifying @ 10.5v on the centre lane. The event will be raced separately by yours truly in three parts: Stage one will have all the entries on the inside lane at 10v. Stage two will have all the entries on the middle lane at 10.5v. The final stage will have all the entries on the outside lane at 11v. Any off will result in a track call. It sounds very simple but my objective will be to go as fast as possible without any offs thus favouring more predictable models over those that may be quicker yet less stable in the corners.

Throughout the event every stage for each class will be captured in three ways: by timing and scoring results, photographs and video.

Proxy models are eligible for prizes based on their finishing position relative to other proxy models.

All new models (whether proxy or house) will be eligible for and entered into our Scratch32 database after the event is completed.

When the event concludes each model will be repacked and made available for return to their builder on May 3, 2021. Please make arrangements with me at that time…

Good Luck!!!


April 26 @ 10:00 am
April 30 @ 5:00 pm
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The Ring
Mississauga, Ontario Canada



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