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American Thunder I

October 5 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

American Thunder I

October 5, 2020 – 7pm @ The Ring

Our inaugural edition of this historical large displacement event features two popular North American series plus a street class of iconic boulevard cruisers – together covering the mid 1950’s through to the mid ’70’s. American production models are welcome to compete in the following Scratch32 classes:

  1. Boulevard Cruisers (BC);
  2. Classic Stock Car (CSC);
  3. Trans Am (TA); and
  4. Trans Am Plus (TA+).

Boulevard Cruisers (BC)

  1. Eligible models include mid ’50s through mid ’60’s North American production models such as those in the Gunze Sangyo series:
    • 1955 BelAir Nomad;
    • 1957 BelAir Sport Coupe;
    • 1957 Cadillac;
    • 1959 Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe;
    • 1963 Thunderbird;
    • 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz;
    • 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville;
    • 1959 Ford Failane 500; etc.
  2. Models must use a BWNC1 (low power) motor;
  3. No racing numbers/decals… (although a number must be assigned and should be scribed to the underside of the chassis – for model identification purposes.

A few tips to get anyone up and running competitively (and quickly):

  • Stick to the Gunze Sangyo models for your body – they are of great quality and because they are long and wide can accommodate nearly any chassis or chassis configuration…
  • Side or anglewinder configurations using a low nearly 2:1 ratio are optimal – so you will want a 13 or 14 tooth pinion coupled with a 28 or 30 tooth spur gear (unless you go inline)…
  • Unless you are a seasoned chassis builder do yourself a favour and use one of Ken’s aluminium chassis since they perform exceptionally well and are evenly matched… and without any weight added!
  • Use a D8, D9 or D11 tire on a 14mm wheel to ensure your gearing/ratio is adequate (if you want white walls please advise since I’m currently sold out and making more – but I may not make the size you need right away unless you let me know in advance)…

For more info you can follow this topic in our forums section: http://scratch32.com/forums/topic/boulevard-cruisers/

Classic Stock Car (CSC)

As taken from our current R32 rules with a minor deletion:

  1. Eligible Models: Any provided the model represents a hard top stock car which competed in the 1960’s (plus or minus 3 years). All bodies must contain a hard clear plastic front windshield, rear window and all quarter windows (driver and passenger door windows may be removed);
  2. Motor – ‘Low Power’ BWA BWNC1, in any configuration with any gearing;
  3. Wheels – maximum 14mm diameter plastic or aluminum with a maximum width of 8mm. Inserts or wheel detail must be period correct and resemble original car;
  4. Minimum overall weight of 100g;
  5. Optional modifications: ANY provided these class rules and General Rules for an ‘Open’ class are met.

Liveries may be actual or fantasy but must be period correct.

If you have an R32 CSC model with either a custom chassis or custom painted body then you have an eligible model.

Trans Am & Trans Am Plus (TA & TA+)

Both Trans Am and Trans Am Plus will include any models that raced in the Trans Am series between 1966 through to 1973. Period fantasy liveries are permitted. Any model that competed in any trans am class is eligible. The only difference between Trans Am and Trans Am Plus is the choice of motor – Trans Am must have a ‘low power’ motor limited to one of the following: Vanski, BWMS050, Ninco NC1 or BWNC1. If it has any other motor it is a Trans Am Plus.

For more info visit one of our topics on Trans Am/Trans Am Plus: http://scratch32.com/forums/topic/open-trans-am-car-suggestions/

Remember that to be eligible for any Scratch32 event the body or the chassis must be custom.

We have four classes and builders are encouraged to enter up to 2 models per class (one primary, one backup) and depending on numbers you may race BOTH.

Doors will open @ 5:30pm & Green flag at 7pm sharp!

Deadline to register your eligible models is October 4, 2020 – 7pm. Please make sure to register no more than two eligible models per class (one primary, one backup) within the event thread (follow the event poster which is usually posted 10 days prior) and if your model is not yet in our database please submit the online model registration form. Details, links and photographs are strongly encouraged! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO IDENTIFY THE CLASS ENTERED for every Trans Am model. There is no need to identify which is your primary and backup for every class – just register up to two models for each class.

NEW & IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ! From now on for all Scratch32 events the deadline to register models is 24 hours prior to the event. Models not registered or not registered in time will not be eligible to race. I will post a final grid based on the models registered on the morning of the event. After the final grid is posted you may still withdraw an entry (or both entries) but you will not be permitted to add an entry.

Three offs in any heat will result in a lap deduction for that entry. Every subsequent off in the same heat will result in a further lap deduction for that entry.

Due to covid19 the following conditions will apply for this event:

  • No more than eight participants;
  • Masks must be worn at all times while indoors;
  • All participants must remain on the lower (track level) only;
  • There will be no pizza or snacks provided just bottled water/pop so please eat before you arrive;
  • Only H2O or tap water may be used to clean your tires – no saliva. I will NOT provide sanding blocks or tire cleaning supplies – bring your own please.

Good Luck!!!


October 5
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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The Ring
Mississauga, Ontario Canada



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