Targa Florio VI Event Poster

Targa Florio VI

December 17, 2018 – The Ring

To wrap the year with our final scratch32 event – the sixth edition of the Targa Florio – four new entries were presented to the grid along with five returning models – spanning seven Targa categories and eight event classes – resulting in eight separate class victors! Thank you to each builder that registered and provided original photographs (where available) in our event registration thread/topic. I’ve done my best to include every photograph that was submitted so as to capture the spirit of this event. Enjoy!

The complete list of classes for models presented to the grid in Targa VI. These classes represent all of the classes raced at the Targa between 1969 through 1972, several of which are respresented in Targa VI. For those models with faster motors an ‘unlimited’ (‘u’) designation is added to the class name (ie. GT+2u), thereby created a separate class.

To review the Rules & Guidelines for the Targa Florio VI click here.

Ten entries were registered for this edition of the Targa and/or presented to the grid. Ferrari (1), Porsche (5), Chevrolet (yes, Chevrolet) (2), MG (again, yes, MG) (1) & Autobianchi (1) were the makes set to arrive.

Registered But Did Not Arrive (1):

#20 – ELFORD/HERMANN – Porsche 908/3 (P3)

New Entries (4):

#76 – ARUTUNOFF/PRYOR – Chevrolet Corvette (GT+2)

#6 – VACCARELLA/GUINTI – Ferrari 512S (S5)

#254 – DAWKINS/EADE – MGB (P2)

The MGB was classified as a P2 entry for the Targa. According to MiA:

“For 1969 at both at the Targa Florio (#254, in entry list) and later at Spa (#22, 24th) the MGB of Richard Dawkins/ Rod Eade was classified as a (Group 6) car. According to Appendix J of the FIA  International Sporting code Group 6 is a prototype sports car under Group B ‘special cars’.


“According to FIA a car becomes a special car if:

‘Special cars:
Cars which have nothing or which have no more to do with a series-production vehicle, either that only one of the type has been built, or that

the number of units which has been built is inferior to what is required for the group for which the minimum number of units annually produced
is the smallest, or that although they originate from a series-production car, they have been modified or equipped with new accessories to the point that their series-production nature has been lost.

“So quite possibly the MGB had been modified so much that this class seemed most suitable for it to the race organizers?? But what constitutes ‘so much’?? 

That year an Austin Healey Sprite was also classified as P2.0 as well as an Alfa Romeo TZ, a Porsche 911R, a Ferrari Dino 206R, an Alfa Romeo T33/2, and a couple of Porsche 907’s!! Quite a mixed bag!!” ….MiA

#37 – ARUTUNOFF/LUCAS – Chevrolet Corvette (GT+2u)

Anatoly Arutunoff with two Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays registered for the Targa in 1970 & 1971 failed to start both of those races.

As Ken describes in referring to his #76 entry:

“I had to phone Mr. Arutunoff to find out that the all-white Stingray did not show up because of a strike dispute at GM back in 1970. It was a week late to get loaded on the boat for the Targa Florio that year.

Salute to Anatoly Arutunoff for entering a Corvette in the Targa Florio!”

Mr. Arutunoff did race previously in the Targa as MiA uncovered – back in 1963 – with something like this:

Returning Entries (5):

#67 – BARBA/GAROFALO – Autobianchi Giliberti A112 (S1.3)

#138 – DeCADENET/OGIER – Porsche 911S (GT2)

#18 – LAINE/LENNEP – Porsche 908/2 (P3)

An off track excursion during practice required repairs for the race.

#103 – SCALERA/JACONO – Porsche 912 (GT1.6)

#8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE – Porsche 908/3 (P3)

The Grid For Targa VI:

And There They Go!



Full Distance (Every Second Crash = -1 lap)

  1. #18 – LAINE/LENNEP (Porsche 908/2) 104 Laps (10.818 ext.) [P3];
  2. #138 – DeCADANET/OGIER (Porsche 911) 99 (11.830) [GT2];
  3. #6 – VACCARELLA/GUINTI (Ferrari 512S) 98 (14.949) [S5];
  4. #8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE (Porsche 908/3) 97 (12.784) [P3];
  5. #76 – ARUTUNOFF/PRYOR (Chevrolet Corvette) 95 (16.387) [GT+2];
  6. #103 – SCALERA/JACONO (Porsche 912) 91 (8.577) [GT1.6];
  7. #37 – ARUTUNOFF/LUCAS (Chevrolet Corvette) 90 (21.787) [GT+2u];
  8. #254 – DAWKINS/EADE (MGB) 87 (11.563) [P2];
  9. #67 – BARBA/GAROFALO (Autobianchi Giliberti A112) 83 (18.239) [S1.3].


P3 – Full Distance

  1. #18 – LAINE/LENNEP (Porsche 908/2) 104 Laps (10.818 ext.) [P3];
  2. #8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE (Porsche 908/3) 97 (12.784) [P3].

P2 – Full Distance

  1. #254 – DAWKINS/EADE (MGB) 87 Laps (11.563 ext.) [P2].

S5 – Full Distance

  1. #6 – VACCARELLA/GUINTI (Ferrari 512S) 98 Laps (14.949 ext.) [S5].

S1.3 – Full Distance

  1. #67 – BARBA/GAROFALO (Autobianchi Giliberti A112) 83 Laps (18.239 ext.) [S1.3].

GT+2u – Full Distance

  1. #37 – ARUTUNOFF/LUCAS (Chevrolet Corvette) 90 Laps (21.787 ext.) [GT+2u].

GT+2 – Full Distance

  1. #76 – ARUTUNOFF/PRYOR (Chevrolet Corvette) 95 Laps (16.387 ext.) [GT+2];

GT2 – Full Distance

  1. #138 – DeCADANET/OGIER (Porsche 911) 99 Laps (11.830 ext.) [GT2].

GT1.6 – Full Distance

  1. #103 – SCALERA/JACONO (Porsche 912) 91 (8.577) [GT1.6].

A wonderful collection of models! Cheers to those that participated to showcase their creations!

BTW – No models were harmed during this event.

MiA was the winner of this unusual door prize – a Hot Wheels “Diamonds Are Forever” 007 Ford Mustang generously donated by Ken – Cheers!

A few Champions took to the Ring prior to the Targa – courtesy of Ken – Thank you!

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  1. Art,
    Wow! Thank you for hosting this event and investing the time for a great race report!
    Also. Thank you for allowing me to run the #37 unlimited ZL1 Arutunoff Corvette in this race. Funny thing that the faster Corvette didn’t do as well as the slower one. A steady/stable car seems to win the race.


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