Coppa D’oro I

October 22, 2018

The Ring

Registered Entries (In Order Registered):


PGP #8 – 4.5L Bentley Blower (Sir Timothy Birken) [30PW008-1MA]


PGP #84 – Alfa Romeo 6c 1750 (Tazio Nuvolari)


PGP #10 – 4.5L Bentley Blower (B. Durand) DNF in the 1930 12H Brooklands race.

PGP+ #14 – Mercedes Benz W125 (Rudolf Caracciola)

The Mercedes-Benz W125 raced during the 1937 Grand Prix season and also at non championship events. The W125 was a powerful race machine with speeds exceeding 190mph.  A very active racing car in the 1937 GP series that raced multiple cars at the Belgian GP; the German GP; the Monoco GP; the Swiss GP and the Italian GP. This model represents the No.14 W125 driven by Rudolf Caracciola – 1st Swiss GP 1937.

PGP #32 – Ford V8 Special (Ireneu Correa) DNF – 1935 Rio Grand Prix (Fatal Accident) [35PW032-1AT]

For model details visit the scratch built models forum topic. For historical details visit the 1:1 Rio Grand Prix (Gavea) topic.

PGP #6 – Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 (Louis Chiron) (Fantasy Livery)

For model build details click here.

PGP #34 – Mercedes Benz SSK (Rudolf Caracciola) – 3rd – 1929 Monaco Grand Prix

For more on the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix including many photographs click here.

PGP #4 – Bugatti T59 (Rene Dreyfus)

The racing dept. of the factory at Molsheim has been working at a frenzied pace (… well due to French labour laws and the propensity of the workers to enjoy a beverage or two with lunch, frenzied might be a bit of an exaggeration) to complete the refurbishment of the Belgian Grand Prix winning T59 #4 Grand Prix car of Rene Dreyfus in time for the Coppa D’oro. Chief mechanic Robert Aumaitre ensures organizers that the car will be ready, so it too will be entered by Ecurrie MiA. It turns out that the Belgian Grand Prix of 1934 was the last Grand Prix win for Bugatti.

When this came out at the same colour as the Bugatti factory used for the works cars (or close I think) a bit of research turned up the 1934 Belgian GP winner driven by Rene Dreyfus. Bugatti finished 1/2 in that race. Bugatti’s last GP victory. There were only 7 cars took the start because the Mercedes and Auto Union teams had pulled out when the Belgian customs officials tried to charge them 180,000 FF in order to import their special Alcohol based fuel consisting of something like 85-percent methanol, 10-pecent nitromethane and five-percent acetone!! BTW, I think the Bugatti ran on a similar esoteric fuel mixture!! Ah, politics!!

PGP #22 – Bugatti T35b (Rene Dreyfus) [30PW022-1BG]

PGP #7 – Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 (Romeo von Sleven Viscount of Forrestdale) [late registration]

Little known history of these drivers gleaned for the famous tome “An Imaginary History of Motorsport” isbn #*14577118:

Romeo Von Sleven Viscount of Forrestdale?  Little is known of this enigmatic figure. A garagiste who often fielded last minute unnamed cars and drivers in various events. Rumor has it, between races he spent his time flitting between ski slopes in winter and sailing his various yachts in summer. He built his fortune at the Casino d’ Monaco betting nothing but 7’s at the Craps table. This highly frowned upon practice led to his race number. Also used in present day by one Kimi Raikonen.

PGP #5 – Bugatti T57 (Count Cinqo d’Jimbo) +++Application to Race Approved – Special Status Granted [late registration]

Count Cinqo d’Jimbo would later lose his life in a popular Mexican road race due to a massive head injury after hot peppers used in his fuel tank caused a massive backfire which triggered a nearby burrow to kick and inflict the deadly injury. Glass fiber helmets became de-rigueur not long after the incident but interestingly hot peppers were never banned as a fuel additive.

PGP #4 – MG ‘M’ Type Midget (Shamus McGee) [late registration]

Shamus “Skidmarks” McGee got his nickname not only from the “awesome” horsepower of his mount leaving tire tracks but from the marks left in the breeches of those unfortunate enough to act as co-driver. Thus connecting the two ever after.

PGP #2 – Bugatti T35b (Ettore Oldershaw (the younger) 3rd Marquis de Cinemato) [late registration]

Ettore – The 3rd so named of his lineage, he was gifted his vehicle by his wealthy father after losing a precursor to “Let’s Make a Deal” hosted by one Monte “Carlo” Hall. Ettore picked marquee # 3 and received a donkey. Marquee #1 was later revealed to contain a Bugatti 35B. Marquee #2 a lifetime supply of a certain Frisco treat! Later eaten by said donkey. Ettore’s costume on the day was – you guessed it – a racing driver!

Official Race Results

Overall Results (PGP & PGP+)

  1. #14 – R. Caracciola (Mercedes Benz W125) 75 Laps (15.672 ext.) [PGP+] (fastest lap);
  2. #6 – L. Chiron (Alfa Romeo 8c 2300) 69 (14.425) [PGP];
  3. #4 – R. Dreyfus (Bugatti T59) 68 (11.595) [PGP];
  4. #32 – I. Correa (Ford V8 Special) 67 (9.375) [PGP];
  5. #2 – E. Oldershaw (Bugatti T35b) 66 (11.473) [PGP];
  6. #7 – R. von Sleven (Alfa Romeo 8c 2300) 66 (17.433) [PGP];
  7. #10 – B. Durand (4.5L Bentley Blower) 66 (20.392) [PGP];
  8. #4 – S. McGee (MG ‘M’ Type Midget) 64 (7.540) [PGP];
  9. #34 – R. Caracciola (Mercedes Benz SSK) 62 (13.290) [PGP];
  10. #5 – C. Cinqo d’Jimbo (Bugatti T57) 62 (17.997) [PGP];
  11. #22 – R. Dreyfus (Bugatti T35b) 62 (18.909) [PGP];
  12. #8 – T. Birken (4.5L Bentley Blower) 59 (10.359);
  13. #84 – T. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo 6c 1750) 59 (15.154).

PGP+ Results

  1. #14 – R. Caracciola (Mercedes Benz W125) 75 Laps (15.672 ext.) [PGP+] (fastest lap).

PGP Results

  1. #6 – L. Chiron (Alfa Romeo 8c 2300) 69 (14.425) [PGP] (fastest lap);
  2. #4 – R. Dreyfus (Bugatti T59) 68 (11.595) [PGP];
  3. #32 – I. Correa (Ford V8 Special) 67 (9.375) [PGP];
  4. #2 – E. Oldershaw (Bugatti T35b) 66 (11.473) [PGP];
  5. #7 – R. von Sleven (Alfa Romeo 8c 2300) 66 (17.433) [PGP];
  6. #10 – B. Durand (4.5L Bentley Blower) 66 (20.392) [PGP];
  7. #4 – S. McGee (MG ‘M’ Type Midget) 64 (7.540) [PGP];
  8. #34 – R. Caracciola (Mercedes Benz SSK) 62 (13.290) [PGP];
  9. #5 – C. Cinqo d’Jimbo (Bugatti T57) 62 (17.997) [PGP];
  10. #22 – R. Dreyfus (Bugatti T35b) 62 (18.909) [PGP];
  11. #8 – T. Birken (4.5L Bentley Blower) 59 (10.359);
  12. #84 – T. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo 6c 1750) 59 (15.154).

With extra marshals AND 13 entries (majority presented to the grid for the 1st time) it is a no brainer to conclude that the Coppa D’oro was a resounding success… and the efforts made by every builder to get their models ready with such a high level of detail must be applauded… well done to everyone!!!

We now have a wonderful field of models for this class! And they perform so well! Only two penalties for deslots were handed out all night long – less than 12 deslots in total. And from the best of my recollection not a single incident of contact between models – Superb & very gentlemanly racing!

Sir Birken may have a headache when his Blower was hi-jacked but no harm done…

Congratulations to MiA for winning the door prize – a BWMS050 motor, set of 1.5mm pinions & urethane washers!

2 thoughts on “Coppa D’oro I

  1. Great evening, great report, spectacular photos!! :yahoo: Thanks for running this special event. A very eclectic group of racers from around the wold! B-) Six marques very well represented :wacko:
    The Bentley (Birkin) and Alfa Romeo (Nuvolari) teams have pledged to return to their respective teams and emerge (hopefully) in a more competitive manner. And…, they threaten to bring friends!! :whistle:
    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the inaugural Coppa D’oro!!

  2. Another great event and report. The pictures look great! Thanks again for hosting this inaugural spectacular event Art!
    It is truly amazing when you build one car and others join with their own creations to field a complete grid of these beauties.
    Now back to the garage to build further entrants!

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