This third edition of the Targa Florio would see 13 entries register for the event but the team Pegaso entries of Scalera and Barba never did make the ferry to the island in time. The race would prove to be an unpredictable adventure, especially for Auto Delta pilots DeADAMICH and LENNEP along with the John Wyer entry of SIFFERT and REDMAN who both struggled early on in extremely slick and very unusual conditions. After several heats the course proved quicker and by the final rounds exceptional grip levels wreaked havoc on the equipment of some while others began to gallop. Controversy over whether or not a car which has spun yet remains in its slot sitting at a nearly 90 degree angle blocking other lanes and still unable to move should be considered to have crashed and therefore be subject to the one lap penalty. In hindsight perhaps this would never have been an issue if guide rotation was properly limited. Time may yield a verdict but do not hold your breath. For those and many other reasons this edition of the Targa Florio was a captivating and therefore memorable event.


Results After Full Distance / Overall Result (Crash = -1 lap)

  1. #18 – LAINE/LENNEP (Porsche 908/2) P3 – 87 Laps (3.830 ext.);
  2. #12 – SIFFERT/REDMAN (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 85 (8.394);
  3. #8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 84 (15.850);
  4. #5 – VACCARELLA/DeADAMICH (Alfa Romeo 33/3) P3 – 82 (13.064);
  5. #4 – RODRIGUEZ/MULLER (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 81 (12.181);
  6. #2 – DeADAMICH/LENNEP (Alfa Romeo 33/3) P3 – 80 (13.172);
  7. #18 – HANRIOUD/MOSCATELLI (Chevron Ford B19) P2 – 80 (16.542);
  8. #138 – DeCADANET/OGIER (Porsche 911) GT2 – 77 (10.396);
  9. #56 – KAUSSEN/STECKKONIG (Porsche 914 – 6) GT2 – 75 (13.526);
  10. #32 – ZERBINI/SCHENETTI (Porsche 910 – 6) S2 – 74 (10.507);
  11. #60 – CALASCIBETTA/MONTI (Open GT 1900) GT2 – 69 (4.412).

Final Results By Class:

P3 [Unlimited Motor]:

  1. #18 – LAINE/LENNEP (Porsche 908/2) P3 – 87 Laps (3.830 ext.);
  2. #12 – SIFFERT/REDMAN (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 85 (8.394);
  3. #8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 84 (15.850);
  4. #5 – VACCARELLA/DeADAMICH (Alfa Romeo 33/3) P3 – 82 (13.064);
  5. #4 – RODRIGUEZ/MULLER (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 81 (12.181);
  6. #2 – DeADAMICH/LENNEP (Alfa Romeo 33/3) P3 – 80 (13.172).

P2 [Unlimited Motor]:

  1. #18 – HANRIOUD/MOSCATELLI (Chevron Ford B19) P2 – 80 (16.542).

S2 [Unlimited Motor]:

  1. #32 – ZERBINI/SCHENETTI (Porsche 910 – 6) S2 – 74 (10.507).

GT2 [Mid-Range ‘Stock’ Motor]:

  1. #138 – DeCADANET/OGIER (Porsche 911) GT2 – 77 (10.396);
  2. #56 – KAUSSEN/STECKKONIG (Porsche 914 – 6) GT2 – 75 (13.526);
  3. #60 – CALASCIBETTA/MONTI (Open GT 1900) GT2 – 69 (4.412).


2 thoughts on “Targa Florio III (1970 & 1971)

  1. A few thoughts on the field of entries…
    The field is collectively getting stronger, both in terms of performance and aesthetics – as was our goal which started a year ago. Five entries had both scratch built/painted bodies and chassis. All had scratch built chassis. Some chassis have gone through a radical revolution since Targa I. What a fantastic path! A few of my observations regarding the models… feel free to add yours too!
    #18 – LAINE/LENNEP (Porsche 908/2) P3 – 87 Laps (3.830 ext.);
    Not much changed with this model since Targa II – added ‘tape’ to the driver’s door & window to resemble the repaired original as it raced. The Piranha motor has served well although an upgrade to an NSR would unlock the remaining potential for this chassis.
    #12 – SIFFERT/REDMAN (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 85 (8.394);
    Braced and stiffened since the last Targa and a spur gear change to 32T definitely woke this pony. With a fastest lap of 5.807 it has reached its potential. The front track is much narrower than the body would allow which contributes to the roll and high bite level during cornering. Like JMSracer, it was a shame the full potential of this model couldn’t be used early on in the slippery lanes.
    #8 – ELFORD/LARROUSSE (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 84 (15.850);
    Quiet and smooth I’m not sure much more can be done to giddyup this one. MiA has hit the mark with this chassis. A little bad luck with Mr.180 during the race but she proved she is also durable.
    #5 – VACCARELLA/DeADAMICH (Alfa Romeo 33/3) P3 – 82 (13.064);
    An experiment with a lightweight scratch chassis/body combination yielded impressive results in the debut – albeit a little twitchy – but there is more to unlock yet… and again some beautifully polished jewellery quality shine by JMSracer. Those oversized front wheels were last minute substitutes and will be matched for the next appearance. A few battle scars on the paint show the age of the body – as no doubt the 1:1 did.
    #4 – RODRIGUEZ/MULLER (Porsche 908/3) P3 – 81 (12.181);
    Mr.180 debuted a lovely livery mated to a sidewinder chassis that has yet more potential. Bracing the rear end and limiting the guide rotation should help add to the longevity of the chassis and increase cornering performance. This model is quick and gives away nothing down the straights. Proper inserts will finish off the look of this model nicely. Jimbo, you forgot the front grill screen – it is in your pit stall…
    #2 – DeADAMICH/LENNEP (Alfa Romeo 33/3) P3 – 80 (13.172);
    A shame this model started on another slick lane but it woke up in the final few heats. The Fox10 motor coupled with the brass plate style chassis (if memory serves me correctly) weighing in at a modest 81.5 grams looked to be a perfect fit. We’ll need to wait till the next time to see this model contend for what is likely to be a very high finish. The whole package is very easy on the eyes.
    #18 – HANRIOUD/MOSCATELLI (Chevron Ford B19) P2 – 80 (16.542);
    One of the original Targa entries this model gives a solid repeat performance and continues to provide a pleasant alternative to a grid dominated by Porsche. Swapping the rears with 15″ and installing appropriate inserts will bring this model to the next level.
    #138 – DeCADANET/OGIER (Porsche 911) GT2 – 77 (10.396);
    Some work was done to this narrow track chassis since the first Targa and it paid off. The addition of a rattle pan in a forward position underneath the chassis makes this model corner very well, but a little more weight up front would still help given that there is plenty of motor. Skinny wheels/tires somehow manage the power of the scaley stock motor.
    #56 – KAUSSEN/STECKKONIG (Porsche 914 – 6) GT2 – 75 (13.526);
    Updated to the original orange livery which looks fantastic – and with a moderately wide body can be thrown into the corners aggressively making for some surprisingly fast lap times.
    #32 – ZERBINI/SCHENETTI (Porsche 910 – 6) S2 – 74 (10.507);
    This is a gem of a model that you need to see in person to appreciate! Exceptional finish! Paired with a confidence inspiring chassis (albeit slightly underpowered) it will no doubt be a long term Targa participant.
    #60 – CALASCIBETTA/MONTI (Open GT 1900) GT2 – 69 (4.412);
    Fabulous body and pleasant diversion from the field – this front engine crowd pleaser has more potential yet despite its narrow track – perhaps the addition of a rattle plate will do the trick – but for now boy does it look smart!

  2. Event organizers of the FIA convened a hastily organized meeting after the race to discuss team Pegaso’s failure to arrive at the start line for the race. Unfortunately the intended drivers of the cars were unable ?? to attend. The FIA were apparently adamant that this type of lax attitude toward the race could not continue!! Team expulsion was threatened!! Fortunately, after assuring the FIA that drivers Scalera and Jacono would be soundly rebuked -as soon as they were available- cooler heads prevailed and things were settled amicably after several fine Barolo’s were uncorked!!

    Thanks for hosting another excellent evening of endurance racing. :good:

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