Number 5 – October 29, 2017

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Updated Scratch32 Home Page

In an effort to keep you easily apprised of the newest event reports and updart issues our home page now has a ‘This Just In’ feature area showing the latest event reports (with convenient links to each one) and our latest UpDArt issues. Simply scroll down below the rotating posters (including the call to action to register) and you will find these new features. Underneath the UpDArt What’s New section you will find our Quick Views area with useful Scratch32 Resources, including links to the rules, calendar and our model database.

New – Model Gallery Feature

Models that are listed in our searchable scratch32 model database now have their own galleries in addition to the single image listed in the database. Follow the link in the top menu bar (under the ‘Galleries’ feature and select ‘Model Galleries’) to be presented with them all. Presently they are listed by their unique Model Identification Number (or MIN) and therefore by model year starting with the earliest models. About half of the galleries are added now and I hope to have the remaining galleries done this week. As the number of our galleries grow they will eventually be sorted into separate albums. I must thank those that continue to register their models and submit (or update) their model registration forms. Doing so directly contributes to the success of our model database (and now our galleries). It has taken time but I believe we are starting to finally see the benefits of such an unheard of and unprecedented collection of organized and searchable data for any group operating under the same rules in this hobby.

Next Event – Internationale Meisterschaft VI – Monday November 6, 2017

Our sixth Internationale Meisterschaft is scheduled for Monday November 6, 2017 – make sure to register your entries in advance by following the forum thread.



Our Next Workshop Academy Session is Monday, October 30, 2017

Hand Painting Driver Detail

Monday, October 30, 2017 (7:30-10:00pm) Hand Painting Driver Detail

Registration is now closed but if you would still like to attend and did not register please email me directly at . This session starts at 7:30pm and is hosted by F1Nutz with all the tips and tricks you need to know when painting or accenting pilot faces and parts plus other detail items on your models… no need to bring anything… make sure to check the forum thread to review all of the useful information posted by F1Nutz…



Next R32 Race Night @ The Ring – November 1, 2017 @ 7pm

R32 classes scheduled will be NASCAR (NC), Modern F1 (F1S), Group 5 (G5) and 3.0L LeMans (3LM).

For the benefit of others you should indicate if you plan to attend the next R32 event by signing in and reserving your place under the appropriate sub-forum thread (Forums/R32 Information and Schedule) under the topic R32 III – November 1, 2017 . Participants will be limited to six to allow us each the choice to run multiple cars if we wish and still finish by 10:30. In the future spaces will only be available by reservation.

If you don’t have a copy of the R32 Rules & Guidelines you can download your copy from the DArthobbies ‘Events’ page or click here. Classes for races at The Ring will always be posted on the DArthobbies ‘Events’ page. The rules are the same as before with no restrictions on tire diameter for many classes, so dust of your cars…

New from DArthobbies – 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s Grand Prix Driver Details

Perfect to mount directly on top of your motor or card. All three have 3/32 holes into which to mount any suitable pilot’s head. If seatbelts are period just use any fine tent repair cloth to add the shoulder straps. $2 each.


Perfect for 1940’s through 1960’s Grand Prix or up to 1970’s Sportscar. Flat underside with raised arms/gloves. 3/32 hole for pilot’s head. Fits any medium sized steering wheel.


 Short sleeved sport shirt on a larger body type with flat underside and raised arms/hands. Fits any medium, large or even extra large steering wheel.


Perfect for late 1950’s through 1970’s Grand Prix. Narrow shoulders fit into any cockpit with raised arms/hands with cuff and neck detail. Can mount directly to any motor. Fits any small sized steering wheel. To lower forearms simply heat and bend down.

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